tips in app

  1. Kennedy C

    Travis has been gone for a week and look at the changes.....

    in app tipping system wide in Augst '17 AND driver raises in some markets? I guess he really was the Voldemort behind the curtain. 180 degree turnaround indeed. Nice job Uber board of directors.
  2. musk for president

    my message log with uber

    I won't be writing them about this again
  3. Django81


    Create an ability for the customers to TIP us when they "grade" us. It's bad enough with these horrible rates we have as drivers but more and more customers are aware of the low pay we get to give rides and many of them are on OUR side. A woman just offered me FIVE dollars as a tip for a Three...
  4. Cam11b

    "The Fine Print" Section on UberDotCom Still Says "No Need To Tip" In Every City

    Here's a screenshot for NYC: I can understand how adding a new feature to the app could take some time. At the very least it makes for a plausible excuse to drag their feet, but what about the website still throwing it in our face?
  5. Brutal one


    Has anyone ever thought $2.40 for a ride is cheap? Some folks forget that tipping is a must to make you happy and them! A tip is thank you for nice service cheap folks. Uber needs to put a way they can tip us in there app most do not carry cash much any more.
  6. Tony Soprano

    Austin $ vs San Antonio $

    For those with experience, is there a real difference in the income you've actually made driving Thurs-Fri-Sat peak night times in Austin versus the same days and times in San Antonio? On Halloween weekend these were my "online" times and take-home $: Thursday, October 29 8:30pm through...
  7. 2hot2handle

    Has Uber Been Stealing Tips?

    So I got an out of towner today, well 3 of them to be exact. I wa stelling them about the strike as I tell everybody and believe it or not most people will tip when I tell them about the strike,,,yall better speak p, but I digress. So I was telling them about no tips in app and they said yes...