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tipping uber sucks

  1. Bad uber pro

    Finally hit the Jackpot.... Big tip :)

    Finally I hit the Jackpot, I accepted a ping from love field for a rider with a 5.0 rating, got to the transportation network area and called, they informed me that they were at baggage claim, I replied by we can't pick up from there and that I need them to come down downstairs and I will...
  2. D Town

    Travis Says, "No Tipping Because Pax Are Racist"

    "As part of the settlement agreement, Uber is clarifying, but not rectifying tipping for drivers. While its competitor Lyft has tipping built in, Uber is arguing that adding tips would lead to bias from riders to drivers. In addition, it could incentivize drivers to "spend more time where tips...
  3. Lamacus Lewis

    Why doesn't uber want us to get tips?

    I just don't understand they have been adding all these new features to the app but they cant add a tipping section what's the big deal. If you drivers get paid a little more we'll be a little less @@@@@y. It's sad that I can go a week without a tip yet I keep hearing customers say "this was the...