tip your uber driver

  1. raylusion

    Another Idea, On top of the Uber tip Jars, Why Not put your paypal.me also?

    you can edit this on your paypal account. for example my tip jar paypal is paypal.me/pcgamers/50 you can buy one of those tip jars and edit the card out, or even put a qr code to the paypal.me account, just burstin ideas out.
  2. Hon

    Please sign up and support a tipping option on Uber and Juno

    drivingguild org
  3. JMBF831

    Great meme tipping idea

    I was thinking we could use the meme below Simba: "Dad, what is it like to be in the World Series?" Mufasa: "I wouldn't expect you to know son, you are just a cub." But chnage the text. I was thinking we could create one that has a message like this: Simba: "Dad, what's a service industry...