tip jar

  1. WelcomeTree

    Tip Jar Suggestions?

    So I'm going to add a tip jar because it sure can't hurt. I was looking through amazon for something that attaches to the back seat or somewhere, I don't want it rolling around. Also one that has a closed lid, we've all seen the video of the brain-dead girl who stole the Uber drivers tip and...
  2. Laura Allison

    Is anyone using a Square reader for cashless tips?

    I know the beef from Uber & some riders about the enjoyment of the cashless experience. Has anyone used a cashless platform so that riders can tip? I'm considering the following and would like your feedback. (1). Square reader-tap & go (2). Square Slider-slide the card (3). PayPal (4). Venmo...
  3. Xlady

    Smart tip jar for ride share drivers "pax" credit card tip box

    https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/08/pax-is-a-smart-tip-jar-for-ride-share-drivers/ Is this the first type of app that has offered this??.It would great for the pax that are really happy about the service you provided ,to be able to give you that fat tip on the spot. It looks like they aren't...
  4. varyder

    A Smart Tip Jar for Uber Drivers - TechCrunch

    https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/08/pax-is-a-smart-tip-jar-for-ride-share-drivers/ Pax is a Smart Tip Jar for Rideshare Drivers It would just be much easier if Uber added that tip button!! But until that happens, this might have to do.
  5. aradagebeya


    When it comes to Uber, Tipping is a Chinese City!!!! Notice how many times they "Appreciate" our feedbacks.. (in the email response below) Awwww.. how sweet!!!!!! I reallllllly feel part of big family when I'm appreciated like this!!! NOT!!! I really think we need to bombard them DAILY with...
  6. #1 UBER Slave

    Tip Jar or Tip Box WORKS!!!!

    I personally use one and told a colleague of mine to use one, and they are now getting $30 minimum in tips per night. I am averaging $40 per night because I have a SQUARE account. Drivers, the pax have no problem tipping you, when you ask. I tell every pax, WE can now accept tips via cash or...
  7. Lost In Translation

    How to rate passengers who don't tip.

    I have adopted the TAG program. When pax ask how I like driving for Uber I answer "The wages are really low, but the tips are great." I have signs posted in my car saying. "Tips are great. Tips gratefully accepted by cash or credit card" (I ordered a free Square Reader to process credit card...
  8. Derp Derp

    Getting Constructively Pissed Off

    Wow, it's been awhile since I've seen a company as universally despised as Uber. It's been fascinating to read about, if only I wasn't watching my spare income drop by thirty to forty percent. I can't remember when I've seen a group of workers so utterly defeated and demoralized. I was...
  9. G

    Where to buy a tip box + charging station in one??

    I'm fuming. My boyfriend drives for Uber, his birthday is on the 9th of December and I want to get him a tip jar/USB charging station all-in-one. Three days ago I was searching online and etsy had some available like this I almost bought it but couldn't quite afford it yet, and now there are...