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  1. D

    Couple Unable to Tip Me $20 in Uber App

    I had a couple last night that wanted to Tip Me $20 for a $8 ride. The most they could tip was $ 17.82 custom tip. Anything over that and the set button greyed out and reminded them how much the ride was. Is Uber limiting the amount you can be tipped based on the price of the ride? My next step...
  2. KingPin10

    Uber Tip Box?

    So, I'm a driver from Phoenix, AZ. I'm moving across country and will be driving in the Stamford, CT area. I've never used anything like this "tip box" and I know it's a little gimicky but I'm wondering has anyone ever tried this or anything similar to this? If so, has it worked well for you? I...
  3. varyder

    A Smart Tip Jar for Uber Drivers - TechCrunch

    https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/08/pax-is-a-smart-tip-jar-for-ride-share-drivers/ Pax is a Smart Tip Jar for Rideshare Drivers It would just be much easier if Uber added that tip button!! But until that happens, this might have to do.
  4. SideHustleGig

    Make Mowr Meow!

    Want more tips now? You've tried the rest: pleasant salutations, aux cords, free crap, driving like a maniac, not driving like a maniac, happy endings and foot rubs. But it doesn't work does it? Now, try the best! I've developed a surefire process to earn mowr tips and I'm excited to offer...
  5. Edman

    NEVER GIVE A 5 STAR rating to riders who don't tip!

    I wonder what would happen if all Uber Drivers lives up to this rule. Do you thinks PAX will start tipping? Instead, reserve 5 stars for those who tip!! Simple but effective, what do you think?
  6. DriverTipper.com

    GET TIPS Electronically & Easily Using The DriverTipper TIPPING APP!

    Uber doesn't include a tipping feature on their App, which results in each Uber driver losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year from lost tips. We built a workaround for this. DriverTipper is a combination App & Tablet combo that lets riders tip drivers easily & electronically. It...
  7. F

    bartenders, servers and waitresses never ever ever tip. why? ?

    So this topic of tipping your uber driver has been beaten and flogged like a lazy horse. I personally am over it. .. if we wanted tips as uber drivers, we would all join and stick to lyft. But anyways, this thread is about bartenders and waitresses, ..I know them cos the nature of their work...
  8. Hon

    Please sign up and support a tipping option on Uber and Juno

    drivingguild org
  9. #1 UBER Slave

    Tip Jar or Tip Box WORKS!!!!

    I personally use one and told a colleague of mine to use one, and they are now getting $30 minimum in tips per night. I am averaging $40 per night because I have a SQUARE account. Drivers, the pax have no problem tipping you, when you ask. I tell every pax, WE can now accept tips via cash or...
  10. #1 UBER Slave

    Tip Jar Works!!!!

    I bought a tip box on eBay for $17 and used it tonight. I told each pax that tips are not required but if they wanted to use their cc, I could use my SQUARE account or if they wanted to pay cash, the box was there. I drove about 4 hours and made $55 in tips alone. It works!!!! All but 2 pax...