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  1. ZenUber

    Airport pickup Pin

    I get a ping from the airport. Don't know how, I wasn't in the que, I was 15 min away, but things were slow so I took it. When I zoom in on the pin, it's in the departures area. I thought that was odd, and just then I get a text that say's "we are in the drop off area". So I figure that confirms...
  2. MHR

    What the Heck Uber

    At 3 different pickups today Uber said I had arrived and started the countdown timer. No swipe to arrive option, it just started counting down. For one, I was at a light trying to get to the pick up at a hotel on the other side of the light and the damn timer started. Not a horrendously big...
  3. GruveRecords

    How to start timer with the New App?

    I've been on the new App for a week now and just had my first customer that needed the timer..But, after making a phone call there was no option to start the timer. Did they hide the timer?
  4. QLDUberDriver

    New in app Timer for Pax wait times

    I wonder if this is part of some more to come since the new CEO started. Abit late but better than never. Although Ill hold my judgment until further testing and see if this is accurate or another smoke and mirrors game from the Uber Gestapo. The only thing that really matters is putting the...
  5. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    My timer starts at 62.50 minutes and will not let me get a no show until the time is up. 1 hour

    My timer starts at 62.50 minutes and will not let me get a no show until the time is up..over one hour Does anyone know of a fix? i was at the Uber office and they dont know the problem. So i will not get paid for no shows until i wait for 62.5 minutes. Sucks :oops:
  6. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Why did uber change the no shows we have to wait up to 1 hour now?

    The time starts at 62.50 and just keep counting down.. How is this going to work for no shows?
  7. EJ974

    X timer

    there's a 5-minute timer for UBERX trips... :D
  8. H

    5 min cancel window for fee, 6+ minute timer on app.

    Hi guys, I've been waiting longer than usual because of this damn timer and I wanted to know if anyone knows the answer to my problem. I thought you only had to wait 5 min to cancel on a pax.. waited 5 min at a hotel with nowhere to pull over, got shooed off by an employee after 5 min &...
  9. PowersAssociates

    Pickup time

    Does everyone hold 100% true to the 2 minute POOL / 5 Minute X ride timer for a PAX to enter the car? I just don't want to be in the situation where i cancel and then the person shows 2 minutes 15 seconds after POOL ride or 5 minutes 16 seconds after X ride
  10. Jack Malarkey

    Delay in timer beginning on app?

    When I accept a job, the timer shows the rider as being zero minutes away. It's only about three minutes into the trip to collect the rider that the timer displays the correct number of minutes. I am using an IPhone 6S. Has anyone else noticed this glitch?
  11. N

    Uber may be timing you out without telling you

    See this thread wherein "Uber driver advocate" Actionjax confirms that Uber is timing out drivers without telling them. Has anyone else noticed this and can provide more confirmation? https://uberpeople.net/threads/uber-pulling-new-trick-on-drivers.101854/ What happens is that if you decline...
  12. Uber7654

    2 minute timer...

    I wish uberx had a 2 minute timer as well just like pool. It seems 5 minutes is a looooong time to be waiting on the curb just asking for a ticket...anyone agree?
  13. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    How do you like the new timer that starts when you reach your pax location?

    It just started today and I had all my rides on time and waiting no more than 2 minutes. It's great they are in a panic to find you now..lol
  14. Manotas

    Lyft adds a timer for Pax pickups

    Introducing Easier Pickups After taking a deep dive into your feedback about pickups, we built two improvements into the app. Five-Minute timer. The 'pick up' screen now features a five-minute timer so you can see how long you've been waiting for your passenger(s)...
  15. David Pickett

    Uber, Lyft: Wait timer so obviously missing!

    As I sit waiting for a passenger, or waiting for a mistaken call to cancel, where is my wait timer, to tell me if I have hit 5 minutes yet?
  16. Michael - Cleveland

    I love this handy little timer app from one of our members here

    RIDESHARE TIMER is a cool little app... you turn it on, set its transparencey and place it wherever you want on your screen... then double tap it and it will count-down from whatever time you have in the settings. It actually has two timers. I've got the first timer set to 5min... and tap it...
  17. nuggetnut

    Stopwatch on app.

    After I arrive at a destination the app. tells me pax has been notified and there's a stopwatch on the left side of the screen. Is the stopwatch supposed to work. I have tried countless times to start this timer but it is never highlighted, or work. By then I have been there a few minutes...