1. Takoateli

    Destination mode shouldn't time out when heading home at the end of the day

    Destination mode shouldn't time out when heading home at the end of the day. You need to get home. If you can't run in destination mode you're going to just turn the app off. Rideshare companies don't want drivers only using destination mode because they want all riders to get serviced. But...
  2. New2This

    Pax can get a timeout too

    Got a ping in downtown Bethesda at 1.8X surge. Drunk gets in, I make sure it's the right drunk. It is. I hit start trip, see 'Gambrills MD' (near Odenton/Jessup) & internally grin ear to ear. 1.8X to Gambrills = Chaching. I ask the drunk to put his specific address in the app. He winds up...
  3. UberNdallas

    Riders cancel and I get put on timeout

    i had three riders cancel in a row during surge this morning and got put on a two min timeout. I thought that we only got put on timeout if WE ignored 3 requests in a row. Here is what support sent... We’re sorry for the confusion and inconvenience this matter has given you. Please take note...
  4. Milesy

    Timeout error message

    Does anyone else keep getting this. It's f'in irritating and uber don't know how to fix it apart from blame my phone and my app?
  5. AltimatedUber


    Hello everyone! New driver here started last week driving for Uber. I took advice on people saying not to accept Uberpool requests and I've done so today and then received a time out warning from the app as I tried to go back online, has this happened to anyone? It says it looks like you're...
  6. UberxGTA

    Uber pulling new trick on drivers?

    I have noticed that the no-accept timeouts seem to have taken a different form. It seems that Uber is not even bothering to notify the drivers if they have refused too many requests in a row. If you toggle the online-offline button it seems that everything is ok with to red timeout message. BUT...
  7. Kawiz03

    Lyft Virtual Time Out?

    Sitting in Bethesda got two lyft line requests same person let them both expire. Not falling for it since they like to use line or pool to go the bare minimum...I like a good dinner and movie before I get screwed! In any case has anyone experienced a goto the corner and think of your actions...
  8. U

    Sits in surge zones gets pings for 10 minutes outside of surge zone

    If I'm sitting in a surging area there's no way I'm accepting a ping from 10 minutes away that is not surging. I'll take the timeout Uber homie. How do you all feel about that?


    [PUNISHMENT THREAT TO LOCK YOU OUT FROM THE APP FOR SKIPPING TWO (2) REQUESTS IN A ROW] Yep, Uber is at it again.. I'm actually impressed at how HARD they seem to be working.. Seriously, I've gotta admit, they sure know how to show the ability to stay on task and be persistent on letting us...