1. Kurt Halfyard

    PAX Who Have No Concept of Time Will Get The $5 Education Fee

    This happened just a short while ago. J----- texted me about 1 minute after I arrived with the above. I think I was pretty clear with how much time she had. She didn't make it. I think she should have perhaps said "Hello! Be out in 5 minutes." This still wouldn't have gotten her a ride. If...
  2. U

    Side by Side Comparison between the ever worsening Uber and Coast so Far Clear Lyft

    First off, my system is my system. It's what works for me. For the most part, it's opposite the mainstream. I use 5 of my 6 DFs during the highly concentrated AM rush. On good days, I get multi trips per DF. Perhaps this simple analysis wouldn't match cucumber to cucumber with your...
  3. I

    Thoughts on Lyft

    i do not get prime time anymore. Lyft has completely shut off prime time and it makes me wonder does anyone even bother to drive Lyft? Even on rush hour I do not see prime time. How can some drive for .76 cents per mile and .12 cents per min in rush hour? Lyft has declared war on drivers.
  4. E

    Has Lyft shut off Prime Time

    Lyft has completely shut off Prme Time. Lyft is worse than Uber but their phone support is better than Uber
  5. Gone_in_60_seconds

    No pickup time or distance on Lyft request on APP

    Since last week, I noticed Lyft has removed the time away from Pax. Uber still displays time and distance of request from Pax. Why do the Lyft big wigs, need to resort to deception to cause a driver to accept a request. LYFT, what part of I don't want to drive 10 min for a $5.00 fare, do you...
  6. BurgerTiime

    Uber is experimenting with letting riders wait longer in exchange for cheaper fares

    https://qz.com/1308173/uber-is-experimenting-with-letting-riders-wait-longer-for-a-cheaper-fare/ Good things come to those who wait for their Uber. The ride-hailing company has started testing a feature that gives riders the option to trade a shorter wait for a cheaper fare. “Prices are...
  7. Wraiththe

    Time Matters for Incentives/Promotions

    Hi, For Promotions: be sure to look at not only the dates, but also the TIMES. The Promotion was to get 35 rides by 5/18... but it was really just until 4am on 5/18. Feeling tired last night and late for supper I went home with 34 rides... I guess... not worried, thinking I would easily get a...
  8. Dropking

    Warning for Less Optimum Route, Longer Route than Necessary

    Has anyone ever received a warning message, from either Uber or Lyft, for taking a longer less efficient route than necessary? I haven't, which is why I'm throwing this topic out for discussion. In the SF area, like many places, there are different freeway options for taking a passenger from...
  9. BurgerTiime

    Uber making you wait longer before collecting a fee

  10. B

    Just a few questions for Chicago

    I started driving in October as a part time gig and it was alright. I quit my job in December and started driving full time and it has been great until last week. It seems like without snow or rain it’s dead around here (Midway area) and even Lincoln Park area. So my questions to you guys are is...
  11. O

    Nevada- to limit drivers to 16hour days per 24 period

    Just received this email today, looks like there will be a time online limit, this will really hurt the tweekers and speed freaks. Also this rule applies to all apps, not sure how anyone can monitor, unless states will have access to live driver "time online" updates.
  12. SuzeCB

    No More Uber in Leonia?

    Thoughts? Could impact quite a bit if it "spreads". http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2018/01/05/leonia-streets-off-navigational-apps/
  13. 1

    duration time changed

    Today I looked at my payment statement, in the trip details I found out that Uber has changed the way of counting the trip duration. even the record shows 26min, I got paid 12min; record 20min, I got 15min; record 38min, I got 35min I emailed them about it, and I was told that the...
  14. BurgerTiime

    After a string of fatal accidents, Uber implements driver safety feature forcing breaks after 12hrs

    http://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/uber-driver-charged-over-passenger-death/news-story/d0477e2ab2c373e13ee16d4f116a7ede Expect this to go global as accidents are on the rise. New Uber feature forcing drivers off the road UBER has announced a policy that will force drivers to take breaks...
  15. ctlive

    Uber misrepresenting time to restaurant as "1 minute"

    After I began declining UberEATS deliveries that showed long times to pickup (>10 min), I began receiving requests that initially show "1 minute", which change to a much longer time immediately upon accepting the trip. 90% of the time, a "1 minute" pickup suddenly becomes a 10+ minute pickup...
  16. Vishnu643

    How to track your passenger time on Uber?

    I noticed that my total online hours for the day is nearly at 10. But still wanting to work to exceed my quota (I hear your judgmental thoughts. Don't do it!). But how can I tell, on Uber, how many passenger hours I've put in for the day?
  17. outface

    I stopped working Amazon Flex because...

    They recruit over saturated drivers and grab a block is next to impossible. The app teases you the peekaboo way to despise and waste your time. The app shows you the available offerings. No matter how fast you grab it, the result is the same. Sorry, this block has been taken already. One minute...
  18. Hazem Albassam

    Uber and lyft time limits

    Does anyone know if I can turn on Uber and lyft at the same time for the 10 hours or does that count As 20 hours
  19. Lurking

    Long Trips vs. Short Trips

    My take on an issue that has been debated a lot. Some drivers hate long trips. I happen to like long trips. Here's why. (Note: intentionally excluding base fare, surge, and Uber cut) Assume a long trip takes an hour, likely using mostly highways, averaging 60 MPH. There is no return fare, which...
  20. JFrancis

    I-290 Expressway users: Any typical daytime, good travel times?

    Do any of you I-290 users see that there are time slots which usually ARE NOT a parking lot crawl within these parameters: * Monday - Friday * Between downtown and about 25th Ave * Between 7 am and 8 pm * Inbound (assuming different than outbound) * Outbound (assuming different than inbound)...