time limit

  1. PioneerXi

    Was There A Change in Uber DF

    Decided to call it a night about 2145 last night and turned on DF. Got one DF ride, passed over a $3 ride, took a second ride. About 30 minutes after turning the DF on, got this message: “...or when you reach a destination time limit.” Time limit? Did Uber put a time limit on the DF? (Much...
  2. ZenUber

    Online time remaining

    When I get near to 12 hours online with Uber, I get a massage in the app saying how much time I have left. And it’s usually over 2 hours, even though I’m already over 11 hours. It would add up to something like 14 hours. Aren’t we limited to 12? Anybody know how the app calculates this? I...
  3. Halfmybrain

    Uber drive time & resets--help please

    The extended dark hours inspire me to work longer nights. I've NEVER been warned of time-out so I'd like to know how it works. I'm not asking for "book" answers as much as experience. (Book answers about speed limit or jaywalking are authoratitative but may not describe common practice.) I...
  4. jeffel

    Pax Refused to Call It Quits

    So last night I got a long trip request. I thought, "Great. I'll drive them an hour or so away, make a killing, and then be home in time to get a good night's sleep." Boy was I wrong. The pax was going from my home area in northern Delaware down to the DC suburbs. Uber said this was a 2 hour...
  5. Maven

    Maximum Acceptance Time/Distance?

    An Uber request tone sounds ... anticipation ... alertness. Then it pops up on your screen 10, 15, maybe 20 minutes away. Groan ... disappointment ... decision ... Accept or not? Do you have a maximum time or distance for a request that you will not accept? What will make you change your mind...
  6. M

    UBER X v UberXL Ratings

    I have an XL vehicle. At least a couple times each weekend an Uber fare comes in for UberX. All of a sudden I have 5-6 people in my truck. Fine, I understand i can do a fare review, but I believe when I do, the next day my rider rates me low. IDK what to do. I only started doing fare...
  7. cin90

    Lyft Time Limit = No PDB

    Bummer. First real attempt to get the 'new bonus': 6 rides shy and shut down! Tough to make that bonus when driving very part-time (AKA weekends). It was worth a try, but MEH. Over it.