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time is money

  1. New2This

    Why mileage pay is more important than time pay

    You guys are probably tired of hearing me say I stay out of D.C. as much as possible. These two trips illustrate why. They're similar in terms of time of trip but the distances are way different. Trip one: afternoon rush hour. 1.6X Pool from Arlington into D.C. near 9th and U. (My DF was set to...
  2. galileo5

    Handy Code-Breakers

    “It’s coming right out” = 10 more minutes “Just a couple more minutes” = 20 more minutes
  3. bigprttygrlswag

    So you lost your phone...

    This trip was doomed from the start. Pinged in Jersey Village. Great - hopefully they want to go back in town since it's almost 4am. 5pax walk toward me. :confused:I'm desperate for a ride back to town, so they squeeze in. Destination Denny's going back to town. OK! Jump on the freeway. A pax...
  4. Tony Soprano

    San Antonio $ versus Austin $ Peak Times

    For those with experience, is there a real difference in the income you've actually made driving Thurs-Fri-Sat peak night times in Austin versus the same days and times in San Antonio? On Halloween weekend these were my "online" times and take-home $: Thursday, October 29 8:30pm through...
  5. UberMeansSuper

    Toes to the Curb or Stuck in the Burbs, we say

    Got a ping to a suburb of Dallas, 8 minutes away. Meh, why not? Three minutes into my drive to the pickup, pax texts me the real address (about 4 blocks over from pin drop). Not feeling particularly Uber Pax Education Taskforce today, so I'm gonna pick 'em up at the address they sent in via...