1. Harbornyctv

    Interview with a NYC TLC Lawyer

    Hey guys here is a conversation we had with an experienced TLC Lawyer. Watch the video and let us know what do you think. Do you have a question for him. Write it in the comments below and he will answer you!
  2. pizza guy

    New Illinois law makes accepting rides illegal

    The new law that goes into effect July 1st makes it illegal to touch our phones to accept a ride if not in park. Please, please tell me I am wrong.
  3. MoneyMitch

    Uber GL Hub Visit

    So I visited the Uber GL Hub and asked them about UberComfort, suggesting UberCarSeat as an option, and what counts as a 3 in 3 violation. To start, they didn’t have any info to give me on what qualifies as Uber Comfort. I told them that I’m a high rated driver with a Camry and asked them to...
  4. UberPete1911

    New year, new ticket blitz in NJ... Fyi, it already started. Saw some local cop on rt1, by Dow Jones complex pulling cars over while they were parked at a light...
  5. warrior lady

    Open Invitation to All Shufflers to Shuffle DuPont Late Night

    So I was waiting for XL ride late night Thursday on that wretched DuPont strip. It hadn’t even been 5 minutes yet.. I was pulled over parked behind a DC city white government van... Rent-a-cop sitting in van flashed his light at me.. I ignored. He got out and glared at me.. I told him I was...
  6. chiguy5839

    Chicago Tickets

    There is a new Facebook group that wants to hear your stories about your gripes about Chicago tickets. Your stories will definitely be read by and commented on by Chicago media and may be used in upcoming City hearings...
  7. h-ales

    DMV tickets hearing

    Last Friday, I went the the DMV hearing at 125th st for a dismissed ticket. At room 2 where everyone was waiting, the judge started with cops VS lawyers. 2 Different cops VS 7 Lawyers. The judge was listening to both sides, the lawyer and the cops, there were more than 30 tickets to fight, All...
  8. GypsyJoker

    SFO Fines Out of Control?

    Uber drivers say SFO tickets unfair By Carolyn Said Gabrielle Lurie / The Chronicle Uber driver Mustafa Ayubi waits in the San Francisco International Airport ride-hail lot with his car, which displays an Uber decal. Gabrielle Lurie / The Chronicle Mustafa Ayubi say he has been cited for...
  9. BurgerTiime

    At Least 18 Citations Issued During Uber, Lyft Permit Check at MSP Airport Police at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport police are cracking down on Uber and Lyft drivers who don’t have the right permits. “You’ve got to follow the rules, and if don't...
  10. Prius Mike

    Citations while driving in federal facilities

    Here's a helpful heads-up I got from a passenger I dropped off at the Veterans Administration. As a federal facility, traffic infractions there are handled by federal courts, which take a very dim view of spending their time on traffic tickets. A small infraction will cost you dearly. As an...
  11. Off The Record

    Dealing With Traffic Tickets

    Hey Drivers, We’re Off The Record, a few guys from Seattle that got tired of dealing with traffic tickets. We created our service to match anyone, anywhere, to a local, affordable and qualified traffic attorney. We have already helped thousands of uber drivers nationwide and thought we would...
  12. Nipun Marwaha


    You read that correctly. After watching drivers get taken advantage of by con artists, scammers, and inept people who call themselves "reps", I decided to do something about it. That is why for the past 6 months I have been working on a project with one goal in mind. Provide Drivers with the...
  13. Nipun Marwaha

    The Number 1 Worst Thing About TLC Court

    The "Reps" These 90% of these individuals or 'companies' are absolutely useless. (There are a small handful of useful people but few and far between) Some even straight lie to drivers and take their money and the driver still gets in trouble. One of them was even found to commit fraud...
  14. Questionlady

    NYC parking questions

    Hi All, My son is a new driver for Ubereats in NYC. In the last 2 weeks his car has been towed, got 2 parking tickets and a cell phone ticket for holding his phone while checking the GPS. Do you have signs that say you drive for Uber and if so, do they help? Short of never stopping , do have...
  15. HappyUberDriver

    Protecting your income

    I have discussed with many drivers in SF. Most complain about unfair parking tickets. What happens is SFMTA agents , as members of the public transportation system, abhor uber thinking it is killing their future and they express their hate thru drivers. What they do is take uber drivers license...
  16. UberXking

    Lot @ SFO full of damaged cars and many with expired registration.

    SFO lot is full of drivers that break the rules Nearly every car is in the lot for longer than the maximum (30 min) posted Many have fallen asleep having drivin from as far south as San Diego. This results in the lot often being filled to capacity forcing 100’s of drivers to circle the...
  17. G


    I am a HyreCar owner and the renter got a red light ticket, I sent the ticket to HyreCar and as of today two response. Am I stuck with this or does anyone know how to collect the $100 I just paid the city?
  18. G

    Getting my TLC license

    So I'm currently in the process of acquiring my TLC license to drive Uber & Lyft in New York City. I'm aware I must have all my tickets paid "Traffic/Parking" or the TLC will hold my license once I pass the Exam but do I need to also have my Ez Pass tickets that are past due paid as well in...
  19. Heavy_DC2

    Result TVB Traffic Ticket Not Guilty

    So since I've been driving for approx 1.5 years, I've gotten 2 tickets. I'm glad I can put this one in the books!! Not guilty!!! Long story short, I was traveling from Manhattan into Brooklyn, going over the Williamsburg Bridge and hooking that sharp right like if you going to Peters Luger...
  20. BurgerTiime

    Lyft, Uber commit 64 percent of downtown SF traffic violations The San Francisco Police Department gave the city’s Board of Supervisors an earful at a Monday hearing about downtown traffic and pointed the finger for traffic violations squarely at so-called transit...