1. A

    Uber on Thursday Nights

    Hello fellow Uber drivers, I was curious what y'all's experience had been with Uber on Thursday nights. If you do go, do you have to wait till the bars close? I have seen it a few times where they have quests, however, sometimes they don't. I wanted to get an idea if anyone else had had...
  2. MaxJoy

    Quiet (or Dead) Thursday Night?

    Is Thursday night usually this quiet (Or Dead)?? I actually haven't driven much on Thursday nights but there is no surge and boost is only at 1.1-1.2. Just sitting at Starbucks minding my own business while the car is being charged and wanting to drive.. but it's simply discouraging.
  3. dabossman212

    Thursdays suck

    I always feel like Thursday is the deadest day of the week in Tampa. Anyone have any tips for ANY sort of action on a Thursday in Tampa?
  4. Connect4Uber$

    geez the drivers today???

    its to early to have nonsense from drivers.... yesterday me and my daughter got into an uber car and it felt so small the dudes drcer seat was 2 finger spaces from touching the back seat and the the passenger seat was pushed way for ward... i was so squished i needed to arrange my blouse before...