throwing up

  1. Crosbyandstarsky

    Kudos to uber this time

    I had a guy puke in my car last night. Uber gave the 150$ asap went and had it cleaned at a place that was open today and very little down time and I didn’t have to touch it. I’m giving them a good job getting me back on the road.
  2. dfw_driver

    Little investment paid off

    A little investment made a year ago paid off big time today. Guys, do not leave your house without these. My car would have been a pool of vomit if I did not have these today.
  3. R

    How often do passengers vomit / throw up / puke in your car????

    Hey guys I just started doing Uber / Lyft part time to help pay for my families vacation. In the past 5 weeks I have had 2 passengers vomit in my car and one dip blood in my back seat. I drive in Clearwater beach / St. Pete beach Florida. The 2 passengers that threw up were not young kids...
  4. Slat90

    How would Saturday be after this St patt?

    Got huge stomach aches and I skipped the st. Patrick's Day for obvious reasons. Don't want any throw up on my car but today I'm feeling sick and wondering if it would be good anyway
  5. MarkG

    Lyft Driver Takes Passenger to the Hospital!

    We have all hear the puking stories and other various stories of damaging vehicles. But what if the passenger OD's in the vehicle or if the vitality of the customer is in danger? Your thoughts?
  6. PaulieG

    Drunk Stories! Drunks that Puked! Cool Ones & Rude Ones!

    Out of 1300 Rides only 2 pukers. Pics of one of the incidents. Another serious story included.