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throw up

  1. dfw_driver

    Little investment paid off

    A little investment made a year ago paid off big time today. Guys, do not leave your house without these. My car would have been a pool of vomit if I did not have these today.
  2. Nick Manning

    Got my first puking passenger!

    A drunk female passenger popped my car's puke cherry. After around 1,000 rides, finally, it happened! I asked her if she needed me to pull over but no, she said she was A-OK! Of course as I was pulling up to her house she lets it rip and just leaves...
  3. X

    First time someone throws up/pees? I'm my car. Advise on how to report to Uber.

    Hello all, First, i want to provide a little background. The night was going fine until 2ish, when I get a ping at Beverly Grove. Rating: 4.6 i believe. After two no shows i eagerly accepted. I'm fiddling with my phone while the group decides to get in. I realized too late that they're a group...
  4. HiDuuken

    Up Chuck

    I hope this back seat dries fast enough after cleaning it to where I can keep working tonight. This drunk lady silently throws up in the back seat as I was driving up I95 back to Aventura. What's even worse is she had a garbage bag with her for such an occasion and didn't use it. I smelled it...
  5. R

    How often do passengers vomit / throw up / puke in your car????

    Hey guys I just started doing Uber / Lyft part time to help pay for my families vacation. In the past 5 weeks I have had 2 passengers vomit in my car and one dip blood in my back seat. I drive in Clearwater beach / St. Pete beach Florida. The 2 passengers that threw up were not young kids...
  6. LA#1x3

    PAx threw up in car

    has anyone been paid for this disgusting incident? Just trying to find out how lyft deals with PAx throwing up in car. I took pics and reported it.
  7. J

    Throw up lost wages

    So it finally happened to me, I had someone throw up all overy backseat last night, the girls promised me to pay for the cleaning and my lost wages, this morning they did meet me to pay to have it cleaned but took off on me with no help with the money I lost. Any suggestions or should I just...
  8. Ben105

    First night driving only for Lyft and...OMG!

    So Lyft hasn't been very lucrative for me since I started driving a few months ago. Though tonight I thought I'd try driving only for Lyft from 9p until 3a trying to get the guaranteed minimums. Up until tonight, I ran both apps simultaneously. I actually was receiving pings pretty regular...
  9. MikesUber

    Pax Told Me to **** Off

    Happy Thursday Uber fam So here we are with yet again another fun story about my encounters with the other side. (TL;DR at bottom as always) So I'm just coming back from a 30 min 6 mile run because this low-rated pax wanted to stop at Taco Bell. Yeah I know I know, it was a slow night. Didn't...
  10. MikesUber

    Uber HERO: Volunteer to Drive More Drunk Pax

    Uber paired with The Hero Campaign last October, but I just received this email today. This way if you opt-in you will be directed to areas of high demand for designated drivers. Now you too will have an even higher chance of getting someone who will throw up. It's a win-win. Become an Uber...
  11. O

    300 dollar passenger Clean up fee??

    Hey guys over the weekend i had a passenger throw up on himself in my car. He left a mess, that took me 1 hour to to clean up. They gave me $40 dollars cash and said sorry. Anyways after i clean up i emailed Uber, and the next day they told me they were going to give me the $200 dollar clean up...
  12. B

    So someone threw up in my car..

    So I was on here last week posting how I finally cracked 100 trips and good tips etc.. thinking I had the hang of this Uber thing now making decent cash. Since then I have been off from driving sick until today, when against my will I made myself go out and drive as I needed the extra money...
  13. MikesUber

    Puke on outside of car, fee?

    Has anyone had a passenger puke along the outside of their car? Head out the window etc...I'm sure you know what I'm describing without a detailed description. Does this qualify for a cleaning fee? Full $200.00? Does it matter if it can easily be wiped off or if it's stuck on? Does it matter if...
  14. N

    Passenger throw up (vomit) cleanup.

    So Halloween night I had a passenger throw up what seemed at least a good 3 quarts of food and fluid. They gently rested their chin on my windowsill and hurled, spilling half out my car, and the rest in my car and down INTO the door. No ordinary detailer is going to shampoo that smell out. I...