1. SurgeMasterMN

    WW3... How raising gas prices could sink rideshare

    If WW3 breaks out can you imagine how this will effect the rideshare industry? I imagine double or triple the gas prices $5.00 - $7.50 per gallon. For most this would put many drivers out. We would have to all work from home and not travel more than 3 miles for a pickup. Would people stop...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver kills three passengers who tried to rob him

    !!!Warning Graphic!!! A Uber car killed 3 criminals, one of whom was a 15 year old who tried to rob him. According to Department of Public Safety (SSP), the military is also driver's Uber would have received a travel request made by a woman and arrive on the scene were three men waiting...
  3. F

    UberPool Multiple Legs 2, 3? Affecting my Acceptance Rate

    Does anyone know the maximum amount of uber pool riders / legs at one time? I have 2 separate Uber Pool Riders in my vehicle and I get pinged to pick up a 3rd rider when I haven't even finished with the first.. I have to decline the 3rd ride and it's causing my acceptance rate to go down. I...