1. C

    Uber messaged me I might have jumped the red light

    Wow so uber messaged me this morning to let me know a cheapo complained I jumped a red light. Also threatened to deactivate my account if they receive further complaints of this nature, wait what?? So they act as law enforcement agency aswell. Been driving with them as part timer for over 3...
  2. Iamfoodgod

    Customer death threats

    So I was going on my first eats delivery of the day and it was McDonald's. I get a call from customer saying address he put in was wrong and also that he wanted to talk about how I messed with his food last time I delivered to him. I told him I'd head on over and we could talk if he wanted, he...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Ubers worse nightmare is coming..Didi is expanding to North America Didi Chuxing, the Chinese ride-hail behemoth, plans to expand to Mexico next year, according to Reuters. It would be the company’s first international expansion and could signal a new phase of competition...
  4. N

    Have you 1 stared a repeat customer that tips?

    Have you ever 1 or 2 stared a tipping customer because they're that bad? I have, here's mine (sorry its long): Last winter I had this same customer twice each time she tipped me $10. She is a 60 some thing year old 'single' woman First ride: Drove 5 miles to pick her and her man up from the...
  5. Skepticaldriver

    Uber admits theyll throttle your a$$

    So uber now shows in their app the threat. While they cant deactivate you for acceptance rate, they can and will throttle you Awesome. have we had enough of these subhumans yet?
  6. CaptSteve

    FBI has credible source for Metro Line Attack 12/6

    Be alert tomorrow Tuesday. THE FBI LAPD and LA County Sheriff is on tactical alert following a threat received on the Universal City Purple Line (Subway) for tomorrow. The LAPD is asking if you see something say something.... This was reported tonight during an FBI press conference....
  7. BurgerTiime

    Leimert Park Man Says He Was Threatened by Uber Driver in Dispute Over Cellphone

    (VIDEO) Update: Uber Driver Arrested After Allegedly Robbing Passenger