1. T

    Phishing in Greenville SC Area

    I just accepted a ride and seconds later a gentleman claiming to be from Uber security called me via the app. He claimed that the right I had accepted have been red flagged in the system for a stolen credit card and told me I should cancel it at no charge to the rider. In addition he told me for...
  2. Attockpak1

    Ubers support chat take a look

    Hey everyone long time lurker first time poster. I drive for uber maybe 2 to 5 trips a week... last week they offered do three consecutive trips for a 10 buck boost... I did this bonus before but they denied me the boost because they wanted screen shot of the promo which I didnt have.... this...
  3. S

    Lyft driver driving a Tahoe

    There is a guy with a Tahoe driving around mostly by flamingo/Cromwell hotel snatching riders from other drivers.this guy is offering so called free ride and specially praying on strip club rides.had one of my buddies telling me this yersterday they were waiting for uber rise this guy...
  4. AlexTBM

    Stephen.... you bring shame on honest drivers

    I drive for Uber in Austin. I like to think that I never intentionally take "the long way around" or otherwise do anything to stretch out a journey. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Stephen down in San Antonio. This last weekend my daughter and her boyfriend had a pleasant time as...