1. PioneerXi

    For Those Driving on Thanksgiving

    Thank you.
  2. Uber7654

    News on LAX rideshare It says price for rideshare quadrupled at times? I never saw it go past 2.5x morons. The wait for the rides were up to 20 minutes? More like upto hour and a half. Get your reporting straight.
  3. Halfmybrain

    How was your Drunksgiving (Blackout Wednesday)?

    First time driving in a week, after waiting for car repairs. I was nonstop 11 pm to 5 am. I would have gone longer but used both destination filters by mistake and deadheaded from Chicago. (Sometimes changing arrival time to a supposed existing filter invokes a new one). I made $130. A year...
  4. Apollo69


    Happy Turkey y’all! I’m trying to work today and I need a game plan. Where are the best places to go for rides and what times are the best, so I can avoid wasting gasoline?
  5. Mista T

    Uber giving us thanks

    Just got my Thanksgiving email from Uber, thanking me for being there for the pax. Couldn't help but notice that they are endorsing drivers to pick up unaccompanied minors from soccer games. Anyone else catch that?
  6. MHR

    I am Thankful for...

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving (or whatever you prefer to call it) and the start of the Holiday season I’d like to hear what some of y’all are thankful for. The skies are gray and it’s chilly here today so I need some positivity. Doesn’t have to be rideshare related.
  7. Marco Solo

    How late to drive on Thanksgiving Day?

    I'm trying to figure out whether to drive on Thanksgiving, and at what time I should quit. In your experience, do pax still request AP rides on the morning of Thanksgiving Day? I expect almost everyone who's traveling will have already left earlier in the week. OTOH, is the entire morning &...
  8. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Lyftgiving Lunch Celebration (Pre-Thanksgiving)

    Lyft Thanksgiving lunch invite. Anyone going to the pre-Thanksgiving lunch at 11:30 on October 3, 2018? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  9. Mista T

    Turkey day ride

    Took a Lyft today, over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house. The driver was blind, but it was okay because their service dog rode up front. On a serious note, saw lots of law enforcement out looking for speeders and drunks. Watch out for speed traps if you drive this...
  10. Roxie

    Thanksgiving day?

    for those who drove last year on thanksgiving day, how busy did you get? I am in Vista/Oceanside area and usually start my trips from here. I have no real plans tomorrow and was thinking about hitting the road instead of being a slob on the couch lol Thank you
  11. DrinkSoda

    Black Wednesday

    This article was written last year. The focus here is Naperville, which has a heavy bar presence in its downtown area. In my opinion the night before Thanksgiving doesn't get the same attention as NYE or St. Pat's, but its a significant party night. Especially with many college students home...
  12. RUSSREED2.0

    Who's living in their car this week?

    So after THANKSGIVING BUST! Who's renting out seats in their car?! :p:p
  13. 2CV750CC

    Thanksgiving Bars that are open.... might get rides to and from there

    so here is a list of what is open, if you can't take the family turkey feast any more you now know where you can go and drown your sorrows - cheers and have a happy thanksgiving 71Above 633 W 5th St Los Angeles, CA 90071 (213) 712-2683 Harvard & Stone 5221 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90027...
  14. Uber_duber

    Is Thanksgiving Day worth it?

    I'm thinking that a lot of people will want an Uber ride and a lot of Uber drivers won't wan to drive. Is it worth getting on the road for a bit? Potential surges?
  15. U

    Thanksgiving Week Tips

    Thanksgiving is next week and I assume there will be more travelers and more drivers. Then there's Black Friday as well. Any tips on maximizing Thanksgiving week earnings? From the experienced bunch, did you see guaranteed earnings in previous years? Or any lessons learned? Share away!
  16. Jenniemd

    Payment for Thankgiving

    Does anyone know when we get paid this next week, since Thanksgiving is on a Thursday?
  17. UberxGTA

    Uber Promotes Thanklessness not Thankfulness in People

    The second Monday in October is Thanksgiving here in Canada. Every person in this world has things they should be thankful for. Traditionally, people are thankful for their lives, family, food, etc. People need to be more thankful outside of their immediate sphere(self). Be thankful to your...
  18. dleogallag

    Thanksgiving Week question

    When will the good times to drive be? I see Lyft is offering guaranteed hourlies on Wednesday night - I assume there'll be a lot of airport runs Wed a.m., maybe Thursday a.m.? Will weekend be dead? Please share thoughts, or previous holiday experiences. (I've been driving since August here in...
  19. creativegal422

    Thanksgiving/Black Friday

    What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? Any Black Friday plans or Hot deals? Next week I'm hoping to uber $1000 for Black Friday shopping! Looking for a new laptop, my Mac is dying. It's so old. Any one cooking for thanksgiving? Also planning to uber on Black Friday. Hopefully everyone...