1. J

    Unaccompanied Minor

    Hi, Can someone please link a TFL site or file regarding unaccompanied minors? As far as I know its just Uber,Bolt and the other conpanies policy.
  2. MartyMcFly

    What to say to TFL to speed up PCO licence?

    Hey everyone, I’m waiting for my PCO licence to process and come through and I’ve been told that ringing them continuously can speed up the process. What should I say to them? And what power do they actually have to speed up your licence? Cheers
  3. MartyMcFly

    What to say to TFL to speed up PCO licence?

    Hi, I’ve been told hassling TFL everyday can speed up the process of getting your PCO licence, but what should I say to them and what power do they actually have to fast track it? Serious answers please. This forum seems to be full of comedians. Thanks
  4. MartyMcFly

    How long to receive PCO licence after completing NVQ L2?

    I’ve just finished my NVQ Level 2 for my PCO licence and submitted to TFL today. TFL are removing the NVQ entry route as of tomorrow (close call). My question is: what is the current wait time to receive the PCO licence through the post? And is there anyway that I can speed up this process...
  5. K

    second DBS asked by TFL

    Hey guys I applied for PCO licence more then one year ago, they took long time to figure out that my DBS and medical is a few months old, then contacted me to get a new DBS and medical which i done promptly, after that time again it took nearly 4 months to get my TOPO date ( which i passed later...
  6. S


    How can I apply for a pco sticker ?? I can’t find it anywhere online.
  7. S

    PHV Licence Discs

    I have a question about the duty of PHV licence holders to display licence disc on front and rear of the vehicle. Are the discs installed on the car permanently or they can be removed easily during the times that the vehicle is not used for private hire?
  8. Fostel

    A bunch of announcements from TFL

    A40 new speed limit From Sunday 9 September 2018, the speed limit on the A40 will change to 40mph from Perivale to west of the Target Roundabout. This change is being made for safety reasons. Updated speed limit signs will be in place. Brake, tyre and road surface wear The Government has...
  9. SecretSquirrel

    Black Cabs Tariffs going up!!!!

    They are saying::eek: The nighttime fare on rate three will be unchanged yet the stigma of the 40p will see us crucified in the media, with headlines in the Standard announcing "Greedy Cabbies Put Up Taxi Fares". Found this on their leaking site...
  10. CH_Saab

    Police launch hunt for London Black cab taxi driver who left injured unconscious passenger in street

    Am not saying all BC drivers are bad but we definitely should share the info and find out who this idiot is. Hope he gets caught, reported and banned
  11. SecretSquirrel

    20 mph limit

    Are you furious?
  12. H

    My Journey applying for PCO

    Hi All I just wanted to share my journey so far since applying for my PCO license. At the moment every part of the process with TFL is extremely long I did my Topographical test on 20/06. It has now been 3 weeks and I still have not got my results despite chasing them every single day and...
  13. SecretSquirrel

    Minicab drivers protest outside TfL headquarters over 'institutional racism' Do you feel TFL is discriminating against you??? Did anyone participated in this protest??
  14. R

    stoped by tfl compliance officers yesterday shoreditch

    4 x tfl compliance officers approached me yesterday in shoreditch area, i was offline heading home, took my badge off, lit a cigarette and was parked waiting for a mate, suddenly 4 officers knock on thr window, demanding to show my badge. i said im offline im not working, they argued im not...
  15. Al Kapone

    TFL proposals could include advanced driver tests

    Transport for London has revealed details today (15 February) of its new policy statement which highlights how ride-sharing and app-booking services could work in the future and features a list of stringent procedures with the aim of “Ensure London remains the world leader in regulating taxi and...
  16. Ozuber

    Black cabs the mayor has done you guys a favour

    The Mayor of London today called on the Parole Board to reconsider its decision to release black cab rapist John Worboys. Your hero all over the radio and news today just when business was down anyway makes people think twice before hailing one. Thank you mayor To the mayor of London every...
  17. BurgerTiime

    Uber's London license revoke...STICKS! No quick win for Uber in London over license loss Disappointment for Uber today if it was hoping an apology and a personal visit from its new CEO would quickly reboot relations with the local transport...
  18. Karl Marx

    How Uber Stalled in London
  19. PH driver on the K

    Uber’s @@@@ed in London. Gone back to my local office. Liberating.

    Long post alert, so please bear with. I’m an experienced PH driver. I’ve driven for many different firms including uber at different times when it’s suited me. I’ve just stopped driving for them recently and I wish to persuade other drivers to do the same. Also can we PLEASE keep this...
  20. R.M.Ahmad

    The four excuses against millions of Londoners

    The four excuses against millions of Londoners The followings are the four excuses used against 40k+ London drivers and 3.5million Londoners. I can not comment on the fourth but can comment on the rest. For the start, I don’t see number one and two have anything to do with Uber. From My...