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tfl consultation

  1. LPHDN

    TfL Consultation

    LPHDN Response to TfL Consultation https://lphdn.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/tfl-consultation-response.pdf Pls feel free to make amendments to my response and send it to consultations@tfl.gov.uk, please input "Private Hire Regulations IIA" on the email subject field. Please note the...
  2. SultanKhan

    Big Victory For Uber As TfL Back Down On Crack Down

  3. B

    TfL Consultation:- are you kidding me?

    Felt obliged to complete the TfL consultation and was amazed at some of their proposals. Unbelievable! Minimum 5 minutes waiting? How does that help the driver or pax? "We happen to have a driver right outside your door luv but you gonna have to wait 5 minutes before getting in". Fair enough...