1. Pax Collector

    My ex lover wants me back and she won't stop texting.

    But I knew I had to call it quits because of the abusive nature of our relationship..... I got tired of getting pegged everyday. Adios Uberina.
  2. Mista T

    Fun and Games with Uber

    FOR SALE, LIMITED TIME ONLY! AUTHENTIC SERVICE ANIMAL VESTS, FOR SALE!! Attention Uber and Lyft passengers! For a limited time, we now have Service Animal vests for sale! These vests are either hand made or machine made by fine women and children in SE Asia and/or the Middle East. They will...
  3. Lissetti

    Text messages you never want to see from a pax

    I'll go first. Got this one tonight:
  4. GruveRecords

    Customer just called me before I picked up an order

    I'm sitting at the restaurant waiting for them to finish the order and a call comes through, ignore...Then I get a text giving me directions to their house. Told them I'm still waiting and haven't even picked the order up yet. Their app says I picked the food up and I'm on the way... I've had...
  5. QLDUberDriver

    Uber’s new in-app chat will help you avoid exchanging creepy texts with your driver

    Uber’s new in-app chat will help you avoid exchanging creepy texts with your driver It was always a bit weird to wait for your Uber driver and then suddenly receive a text from an unknown number. “Where are you?” Often the driver would skip the anonymous text altogether and just honk their...
  6. Jack Malarkey

    Texts to passengers weren't getting through but are now

    I have established that texts to passengers aren't getting through but phone calls are. As a driver, you do NOT receive notification that your text has failed. I don't know whether texts to drivers from passengers are also failing but I do know I haven't received a text from a passenger for...
  7. PTUber

    Uber Quiet Lyft Not

    Has anyone else noticed that Uber isn't sending out the annoying "Its busy get out and drive" messages anymore but Lyft is constantly sending them out via texts?
  8. Driving and Driven

    Apartment Complex (Why so complex?!)

    People have been requesting Uber long enough to know better. Almost every time I pickup a pax at an apartment complex, they have put in the street address to the complex or to the main office and neglect the common courtesy or common sense to send a text with the specific building or unit number...
  9. CastIronPancake

    Courteousy Text Passenger Idea, yay or nay?

    I've read so many different opinions on texting passengers, but I feel like I'd appreiate this as a rider. What do you guys think? Let me give you the script: 1)Trip Accepted AutoSMS to pax (via Tasker): "Hello! This is your driver, _____, and I'm on my way! If you could, please confirm your...
  10. groovyguru

    So I have all these phone numbers of uBer PAX from a few years ago...

    Back in '14 uBer did not mask the driver or PAX number, so I have a bunch of texts, still, on my phone. I was wondering what kind of messages I could send folks from back then, like sending one at 2am on a Friday night, "Sorry, your uBer account was cancelled and your balance is $1,345.95...
  11. IERide

    How reliable is the app-texting feature?

    So when I send a text to a passenger via the "contact" option in the app it always goes to/thru the same phone number right? How reliable is it? Is there any change that my message would be sent to the wrong/previous passenger?
  12. Rakos

    Back to back ride issues

    This one really has my little monkey brain bewildered and down right confused and frustrated! I am curious if anyone else is having this problem... I found a bad issue with taking new pings that are for the next ride... When you finish the first ride and begin the second ride it is impossible...
  13. R

    Fastest way to send text???

    What is the fastest way to send a text to the pax starting from the partner app? Let me explain: when I reach the pick up location, I often have to send a text to the pax (such as a brief description of my car, question regarding what building there in, letting them know I'm there, etc.). This...
  14. ACCiNEED

    I was among the top 5% highest rated drivers last week. Aren't you proud of me ??

    I just got a text and wow, me the top 5% highest rated drivers last week in San Diego CA. Here was the text that made me so proud and why I love Ubering. o_O "Uber: Congratulations! The service you have provided your riders has put your rating in the Top 5% of highest-rated partners in all...
  15. U

    Uber pope text

    I assume u guys got the text about the pope going to philly, am I the only one who thinks uber is absolutely @@@@@@ed for trying to get drivers to sit in what people are saying will basically be massive gridlock anywhere near philly , roads and bridges will be closed , and the riders won't have...