text messages

  1. R

    Verification code message

    i received a four digit verification code in a text message a few minutes ago. This was weird to me for a few reasons. 1: I don’t have an Uber account because Uber isn’t popular in my area and 2: I wasn’t notified of this text. It wasn’t like I opened my messages to find an unread message, I...
  2. IERide

    How reliable is the app-texting feature?

    So when I send a text to a passenger via the "contact" option in the app it always goes to/thru the same phone number right? How reliable is it? Is there any change that my message would be sent to the wrong/previous passenger?
  3. Y

    Uber Text Messages

    Has anyone else noticed an abundance of Uber text messages in the last few days? I've gotten at least 8 over the past 4 days, way higher than the usual. Makes me think they are running short on drivers during peak times. Over the past 4 or 5 days there appeared to be a shortage of drivers on...
  4. OGUberOB

    Anyone else get a text requesting SS# and other personal info?

    Hi I recently got a text message from "UBER" stating I need to complete this to REACTIVATE my account ?? Checkr com apply uber Fill out this form to reactivate your account. - UBER Fill out this form to reactivate your account. - UBER Anyone else get this?