text alerts

  1. App Reads Msgs Aloud!

    Do you use your phone while you are driving your car? (Other than Uber.)

    Other than the Uber app, do you use your phone to text, email, check WhatsApp, Facebook etc, while you drive? If so, do you feel guilty doing so? Check out this powerful video: http://bit.ly/2seOmHm
  2. RedoBeach

    Please Don't Call Me...

    Last 3 passengers in a row called me. I feel like I'm in LA again. What's with the resurgence of passengers calling drivers lately, are they all newbees? I can't find your arse when you call me, so please don't. That's why God invented texting.
  3. N

    To take Guaranteed Pay Uptown or Not

    Calling all Dallas Uberers.....Just got a Guaranteed Pay offer $700 for the week. Says each trip must start in the Uptown purple shaded area. What if someone has to go to work in Plano. Does this mean I go out of service and drive back to that area? Says for each 3 hour schedule I have to be...
  4. Laz Yoldlug

    Uber Text Messages

    I wish Raleigh Uber Partners would limit & test each message to 160 characters maximum. Inevitably those lengthy ones that get broken up into 3 parts more often than not, one segment gets lost or arrives 5 hours later. Is there an option to turn off text messages from Uber when we are...
  5. Hondaguy7643

    Out of control text messages!

    So I know a lot of you wised up ages ago and opted out of text alerts. They never really bothered me, plus I used to attempt the guarantees so when it switched to text alerts only I just let them roll in. Yesterday and today were so out of control I finally typed back "stop". 16 messages...