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  1. Henry5

    Brand new car

    Hi guys! I just traded my car for a brand new 2019 Niro Hybrid and I don't drive often, but like to just for a bit of extra money on the side of my real job. I'm confused about the inspection sticker, because since it's a new car, it doesn't need inspection for 2 years. Can I still drive...
  2. MHR

    Welcome to SAT...now get outta my way

    https://www.ksat.com/news/crazy-video-shows-18-wheeler-pushing-mercedes-down-san-antonio-highway An 18-wheeler was caught on camera pushing a black two-door Mercedes down I-35 North past the exit for 281 Monday afternoon in San Antonio. Adrian Lopez shared a post to Facebook with three videos...
  3. transporter007

    68 Year Old intrigued by Future SDC

    Henry Chester, a 68-year-old Arlington Texas retiree, heard about the demo on the morning news. He said he's been intrigued by futuristic cars ever since his son bought a Tesla. Self-driving cars could solve two problems, he said: cutting down on emissions and taking distracted drivers out of...
  4. M

    Stolen Vehicle: 2017 Black Chevy Tahoe

    2017 Chevy Tahoe LT Midnight Edition (Blacked Out) Plate: AL-JFD559 (silver "Princess" tag frame), NO front tags. No drivers side window. Last Seen Sunday Night in Dallas area. If you see it, please call Dallas Police immediately! Thank you!
  5. ChristopherHouston89

    Moving to a new city

    Hi Everybody, I am going to be moving temporally back to Orlando for 3 months or so to take care of my parents. While I am there I won't be working so I will be doing Uber/Lyft, Postmates, Instacart, etc on the side to make a few extra bucks. What I am wanting to know in regards to Uber (or...
  6. BurgerTiime

    Maven Gig, GM’s car-sharing service for Uber and Lyft drivers, comes to Austin

    https://www.theverge.com/2018/3/2/17069424/maven-gig-gm-car-sharing-uber-lyft-drivers-austin General Motors is bringing its car-sharing service Maven to the city of Austin, but just for freelance drivers for rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, and on-demand delivery apps like Postmates, GrubHub...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver robbed and nearly killed in heart-wrenching video

    "Look dude I drive for Uber, I don't have anything" Assailant: "I'm going to shoot you!" http://abc11.com/tough-to-watch-uber-driver-robbed-nearly-killed-by-armed-men/3134622/ ATASCOCITA, Texas -- Heart-wrenching video shows the terrifying moments an Uber driver was robbed and nearly killed...
  8. FormerTaxiDriver

    Woman pooped her pants to hide drugs during arrest: cops

    Shannen Martin CORSICANA, Texas — Police say a Texas woman attempted to hide evidence during an arrest by defecating in her pants and using the feces to conceal drugs. Officers in Corsicana, about 55 miles south of Dallas, were investigating a report of a theft at a grocery store on Wednesday...
  9. Ziggy

    Driving Miss Daisy

    Driving in Texas? Read this sometime (soon) > http://www.dps.texas.gov/internetforms/Forms/DL-7.pdf Turning on your 4-way flashers doesn't make your rideshare vehicle exempt from Texas or local traffic laws. A couple of observations to help you survive ridesharing in Austin: Fire lanes &...
  10. K

    How do I find out if my car is eligible?

    Hi, New guy here. How do I find out if my car is eligible for my market? And how long does it take Uber complete background checks? I have 2006 Jeep Commander 4 door SUV in Waco, Texas. I just submitted all my documents (DL, Insurance, Registration) but the app won't let me go online and had a...
  11. N

    Uber Manipulated my route. Beware. This is fraud at its best.

    I took a ride from love field AP to DFW AP. As usual, I take 35 to 635. I check the fare details and uber subtracted a mile and graphed that I took a different route. The adjusted route only cost me a dollar less, but this is plain illegal. They could at least graphed that I took actual roads...
  12. ChristopherHouston89

    Instacart Questions

    Hey ya'll, New Instacart Shopper / Driver here and had some questions from anybody who has done Instacart before. There isn't much training it seems besides what Instacart gives you and I had some questions. I already picked up my Debit card and activated it into the App. My question is, I...
  13. Syed80888

    How many trips are you guys getting a day for Lyft?

    Is it busy?
  14. Syed80888

    How many months before Lyft starts getting demand all day like uber?

    I have two questions. Unforutely I don't drive for uber. Had incident and they deactivated me. So just driving lyft for now. Although it is really really slow. Most times there are no pings for 3+ hours. I initially thought maybe my phone gps was messed up. But there's just not enough demand...
  15. BurgerTiime

    Texas Uber drivers sue company seeking full employee status, back pay

    https://www.dallasnews.com/news/transportation/2017/06/30/texas-uber-drivers-sue-company-seek-full-employee-status-back-pay Uber considers drivers to be independent operators, but a federal class-action lawsuit filed Friday in Houston charges that the company's grip on them is so extensive...
  16. Cheesyfish

    Should I lease with Uber?

    Hi y'all I just created this account because I want some advice. I applied to work for Uber yesterday, as I heard they have a leasing program for those who don't have a car of their own and I figured, "hey, this can work for me!" Now a little information; I been unemployed since December and...
  17. BurgerTiime


    FATHERS: TEEN DAUGHTERS USED UBER AND MEGABUS TO RUN AWAY FROM HOME TO LOUISIANA Email Video: EMBED <click Kids accused of using Uber and Megabus to runaway from home. (KTRK) Parents Demand Change in Ubers Policy By Tracy Clemons Updated 52 mins ago CYPRESS, TX (KTRK) -- Two Cypress...
  18. Lang

    Lucky Trip to Houston on 1/29/17

    While driving for Lyft in the Kyle, San Marcos area on Sunday, 1/29/17 got a trip from Kyle to Houston around midnight. Trip total pay = $188. Nothing to brag about, but not too bad for a slow Sunday night. Longest trip yet as a TNC driver. Just saying - you never know where the next trip...
  19. J

    Uber Tip: maximize your uber select fairs..

    Anyone in the Houston area looking to rent out an Uber Select car to drive? Please call or text 630-825-4225 if you, or anyone you know would be interested. Below are the vehicle specs - airport fares with an uber select range from $60-80 and you're no longer depreciating your own vehicle with...
  20. Jasonlowe2wd

    Tyler Texas

    Tyler texas here.