1. A

    Topo Test Advice: Online or Paper?

    Hi, Please can anyone advise whether all the TFL centers are carrying the tests out via Computer based or still on the paper method? The Uber online help website encourages us to practice their online training course offered by EduMe (which is very helpful), however through the course, EduMe is...
  2. Pax Collector

    Trucking school (Update)

    Well folks, I'm officially a Class-A CDL holder and couldn't be any happier. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Thank you all for your kind wishes. I haven't driven rideshare in almost three months and I don't plan on going back any time soon (If ever). I have a couple of...
  3. WestSydGuy

    New passenger test

    This test would be a very similar experience to my first few weekends in Sydney. I've had a guy hop in, then ask if he can finish eating his sausage roll, girls taking stories videos, including out of the sun roof on the harbour bridge. No dogs or animals as yet. I'm thinking of wearing...
  4. tohunt4me


  5. Skozoze

    Making Acceptance Rate Matter

    Interesting feature they are testing . . . .
  6. H

    Topographical assessment

    Hi, I recently sat my topo assessment on the 15th Nov 2017. I'm quite confident that I have passed but I wanted to know how long it takes till I receive my results and what steps I will have to take after, in order to get myself on the road as quick as possible. Thanks
  7. T

    Missed Annual Drug Test

    So....a friend of mine missed his annual drug test. Yes, I agree he is a stupid idiot. Has anyone heard of anybody else doing this? He wound up taking the test a week late. Does he have to visit the TLC office to get his license reinstated? My friend says he's grateful for any help.
  8. T

    Drug Test and Prescription Medications

    I'm about to take my annual drug test. I'm now taking a couple of prescription medications that will show up in the screening. What action do I need to take to prove that I have prescriptions and taking these medications legally ? Thanks.
  9. Q

    Uber running a new test?

    Did anybody else receive an invite to help run a test?
  10. Silent_Philosodriver

    Uh-Oh... Lyft may be testing a 50% weekday fare cut in SF

    Today I found this lovely banner at the top of the Lyft app (on rider mode) - since no one else commented today about it, I assume is perhaps a small test or a personalized offer. But this is NOT GOOD AT ALL. Why? and a 50% fare cut?? Either UBER has become the cheaper alternative for Pax now...
  11. R

    Will my car pass PCO MOT inspection with light damage?

    My car is due for PCO inspection in December but I have a dent in my front bumper with a 2 inch hole. Will this still pass the inspection? My car will pass standard MOT but can the PCO inspection fail it based on damage externally?