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  1. Halfmybrain

    Chicago Driver Boundaries?

    I searched a little online and in this group, and couldn't find a simple map of Uber's Chicago territory. Where can I find this? Hoping for a graphic. Narrative description would be second best. I think this would be a second question: What are the boundaries for a Chicago driver to start a...
  2. S

    How far out can a “DC” driver drive?

    This is the “DC” uber territory. As far south as Ashland/Northern Neck (bumping up against Richmond territory), as far west as Harrisonburg/Winchester/VA’s northern border (bumping up against Greater Virginia territory), and as far northeast as Gaithersburg/Laurel (bumping up against...
  3. JPell

    My territory and positioning

    So wondering about thoughts on this. If you find a good spot, are you territorial when leeches move in? Do you stay or find a new one? I personally found a timeline when to stay and when to go, but I get annoyed that people drive into my space from miles away. (I'm in a res shore area) It makes...
  4. lgc252

    More or fewer fares .... more or fewer Partners than 2 years ago?

    Drove for UBER 2 years ago. Many nights total fares (if there were any) would be $15 - $20 dollars. Some nights there may only have been 2 or 3 calls on the iPhone. Now 2 years later .... what is the driver climate? Do we have too few calls to satisfy more (or fewer) drivers? Is anyone...