1. H

    Sex, LIES, and food

    Longtime lurker received great advice from this forum almost 3 years time to give back. Been doing ubereats last couple of weeks new in my market and paying pretty well for the time. I was recently told by customer support that it is FORBIDDEN to ask for tips for ubereats and requested...
  2. optyman

    LAWSUIT - Opt out of Uber Arbitration now, even if beyond 30 days.

    Even if you are beyond the 30 days from the December 11, 2015 acceptance of Uber's new terms, please send an email to [email protected] with your name & state asking to "opt out" of Uber's new arbitration terms. The arbitration process most often favors the big guy. Attorney advice: Do this...
  3. L

    Fight for your rights: Research on the issues encountered by Uber drivers

    Hi All! I am researching on Uber Terms&Conditions, policies, etc. to understand if they are transparent and if they creates issues from a driver's perspective. Therefore, I would be very grateful to know from you guys: 1. Is there anything in the Terms, policies that you don't like/would like...