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  1. Chapindc

    Officially booted from fuber

    It wasn't the longhauls, cancellations or stupidstar ratings I had 3 complaints against me for driving impaired throughout my 1 1/2 yrs horrible endeavour All those 3 riders that complained & got a free ride every time btw, the previous rider(s) either were drunk to the point that the car I...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver fired for carrying concealed weapon

    http://fox6now.com/2018/05/07/you-cannot-tell-me-what-i-can-do-in-my-car-uber-driver-fired-for-carrying-concealed-weapon/ MILWAUKEE — Should Uber drivers in Milwaukee be allowed to carry concealed weapons? One man is raising that question after the ride-sharing service fired him. It all began...
  3. AllenChicago

    Lyft Terminates Detroit Driver After Lupus Changes Her Appearance

    June 3, 2016 It's borderline criminal how Lyft (and probably Uber too) can terminate a driver's contract without an investigation. The Detroit driver in this article was terminated by Lyft, because her Lupus disease caused some passengers to believe that the woman who picked them up, was not...
  4. cleansafepolite

    All communications with uber come from the Philippines, at slave wages and long hours.

    Why do emails from uber suck? Becuase they are written by Filipinos working long hours for slave wages with large quotas. These people who are working for between 200 and 600 U.S. dollars PER MONTH. They are responsable for all research into claims and all writtwn emails. If you get an email...