1. Sarun

    i know you guys don't like this kind of questions but can you guys help me to figure out ?

    is bill of sales and temporary registration is good to pick up the plate from DMV? i heard somewhere in some cases they ask for title ?
  2. Muziklyfe3

    My registration is taking forever!

    Had to renew my registration. Did it online and still waiting for the registration card/sticker to be mailed.. It says on dmv website it's supposed to get here in 5 business days. Well, it's been well over 5 biz days, I'm going on 2 weeks now! I'm deactivated from logging onto the app until I...
  3. ramadula

    dual residency

    Is it possible to drive in LV if you reside there half of the year and the other half out of state?
  4. ramadula

    driving while visiting LV

    My GF is in the adult entertainment industry and we will be visiting LV in Jan. for 2-3 weeks. I would like to drive while I'm there. Since I can't use my vehicle with out of state tags, and I don't want to purchase a vehicle, how can I do this?
  5. ramadula

    Rental car (temp)

    I am traveling from Washington to Las Vegas in January and would like to work while I'm there for 2-3 weeks. Can I use a rental car temporarily providing I have the proper insurance coverage?
  6. LEAFdriver

    Disciplinary guidelines?

    Can anyone post a link that specifically spells out Uber's 'Disciplinary' guidelines? Anything at all that says anything to the effect of: "If you cancel more than your 'peers' you will be temporarily deactivated"? Any link to ANY information about 'temporary' or 'permanent' deactivation AT...