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  1. MHR

    Uber and Lyft Should Just Become Taxi Firms

    And Get Over Themselves! If you hadn’t heard, you must’ve had your head under a rock because there’s a new story every week, but ride-hailing apps Uber and Lyft are in an intense legal battle in California right now over how the companies classify their drivers. Their future remains uncertain...
  2. mrpjfresh

    Uber resorting to pinching pennies??

    I noticed a weird thing started the other night. For the previous 3 years, the minimum fare in my market has been a whopping $3.00. Now on some minimum fares, the minimum fare supplement bumps up to $2.99 instead. It has happened on half a dozen rides in the last 2 days so far. Bug...
  3. New2This

    Trips not processing yet again?

    Anyone else not having trips showing up or in the eternally 'processing' status? Uber's an alleged technology company right?
  4. Maven

    Call Uber Anything But Transportation

    Bloomberg June 2, 2017 By Nir Kaissar Uber is a technology company. It is also a transportation company. That may seem like a trivial distinction, but a lot is riding on it. And not just for Uber, but for every disrupter that fancies itself a technology company. Europe’s highest court --...
  5. JuanMoreTime

    Shiny! A new Uber Partner app update!

    Surely this update (which was major enough to require downloading) will address at least some of the perceived bugs, right? The things that the users of the app have been clamoring to have fixed. You know, the users who utilize this app from a "Technology Company" to make a living? Is there...