technical issues

  1. Darpa

    Cant Use UberGPS in APP Question about Uber/Google GPS

    I am new. I am not having problems with stand alone GPS, I use it regularly on my own. I am having problems with GPS in the Uber app. I had to cancel 2 pickups because the GPS just stopped/stalled. It looks like the simple fix: just use google GPS/Navigate, there is a setup option for this...
  2. A

    Phone freezing during a ride

    I drive in the Boston area, and when I go through tunnels and certain other spots in the city, my phone freezes up. The GPS says searching for location, and sometimes my entire app or even phone freeze altogether. What do you do when this happens? Do I let the passenger know I need to pull over...
  3. Kodyhead

    For people using second phone or use rider app while driving for uber

    Have you drivers noticed that the range of how far you used to be able to receive pings drastically reduced? For example if i was on the corner of oakland park and us1, i used to see myself if i moved the pin to lets say commercial and us1 but now my car disappears. I estimate the range is now...
  4. zio_mimmo

    New uber partner app for iphone

    Hello guys. What are your thoughts about the update on the uber partner app for iphone. I had a lot of problem with it.. Like freezing, closing and not recording the right route that leaded to wrong fare. Share your comments please.
  5. stelememes

    Unable to see my car in the Rider app

    RESOLVED - Greenlight hub person messed up my partner's account while trying to troubleshoot and had to resubmit everything and through the process of that got the app to work and his car to show up. My partner had signed up recently to be a driver Uber. Everything was ready to go in the...
  6. M

    Veteran uber driver has a serious problem

    Hi Uber drivers , Uber technical support representatives My problem is that I cann't get any requests from the airport , I drive uber xl livery which is uber xl with commercial tags " for hire plates ", basically my car disappears whenever I request my car at the airport. The following...
  7. That Uber Dood

    Sunbury Surge

    Here's a doozy. Sitting near airport waiting for a "Tulla" pickup. Ping comes from Sunbury. 20 minutes away. Pass. PING.PING.PING. WTF. Grab a screenshot. Lolz. They were requesting from other side of the "border". Opened up rider app to double check. Border is a hard line. Surge...
  8. Cowboyup

    Uber app sending out wrong addresses...again

    It was most notable last night. I received back to back wrong addresses for pickup. Noooo it wasn't my phone or app itself. I confirmed with 6 passengers and they were having problems with Uber drivers finding them just to find out Uber app was sending out wrong p/u address to drivers. I sent...
  9. N

    Airport geo fence is broken

    Hey everyone hitting dtw for uberx. Little insight we just discovered. Anywhere withong the airport area is apparently broken. If you want a ride sit North of i94. Something with the queue is not working. Drivers are saying they've sat in North lot for 2 hours. The second we drove North of 94...
  10. D Town

    Uber expands driver tracking program to 11 U.S.

    Marketplace Tech for Friday, July 1, 2016 Five months ago, Uber announced a pilot program where it would use the gyroscopes in each of its drivers’ smartphones to detect various metrics about the driving...
  11. UberPug

    Chicago Uber app not working??

    Tried to sign on but it's not working?? At first app said '500 internal server error' n the logo kept looping = no luck, then i shut off/on = no good, then i uninstalled/reinstalled, toggled wifi n airplane mode = still no good! Uninstalled2nd time n tried to sign in n now it keeps taking me to...
  12. RazorX

    Trouble With Uber App

    When I try to go online I'm getting an error message, it started this morning, has anybody else experience this problem?
  13. R

    problems with app and new logo

    Since the roll-out of the new logo, has anyone experience app problems. I've had the app freeze up several times and the navigation not work, so that I've had to restart my phone several times. Annoying as hell, when you're driving!
  14. Ronnie McDonnie

    NEW ANDROID APP (Apple app outdated)

  15. Marqueso

    "Network Error" - HELP!

    Last night was my second night out and it was slow at first, but then they just started to pour in, but throughout the night I would get the "network error" message and it wouldn't let me start the trip while the PAX got in. Luckily they were super nice and understanding and ended up paying me...
  16. Cherries_JUberLee

    Technical Issues

    Question here: I completed a trip and before I could move the slider, the phone rang and my android froze up. I didn't get a chance to leave a 5 star rating for my pax. I noticed later that Uber still logged the trip but what happens to the pax rating? Also has anyone else experienced...