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  1. Longislandcar

    Where's the teamsters/unionization on Long Island?

    I had been thinking about this alot, how come the teamsters aren't union-izing uber? I saw the news about mayor Delblasio, and I dont work the city only long island but I am happy when anybody gives uber a hard time. Its an abusive company, not the least bit concerned about us drivers. the wage...
  2. Surgeless in Seattle

    The Teamsters are (Finally) Reaching Out

    ...and I'm a bit miffed. Apparently the Teamsters are reaching out... finally!!! Here is my text conversation with them: TL:dr - a text conversation between the Teamsters and myself where I raise multiple issues and call them out for not having the drivers' backs the past two years and them...
  3. D

    privacy survey from Uber

    I got a "privacy survey" request from Uber-Seattle today asking me the following: "Should your permission be required before the Teamsters have access to your personal information—including your name and address, as well as your email address, phone number, for hire license/permit number, and...
  4. makes_sense

    Uber makes drivers listen to anti teamsters Union message Teamsters are Nationwide

  5. circle1

    March 16th - QDR Notifies Driver Representive . . . Who's The DR??

    "Notice sent by U.S. mail, personal delivery or e-mail to a Driver Coordinator using contact information available from the City will be deemed to comply with this obligation." "Appeals: in the event of an appeal of the Directors determination by a QDR applicant, all applicable deadlines may be...
  6. Karl Marx

    Uber sues Seattle over Union Law. Drivers to Uber," Make my day."

  7. makes_sense


  8. TeamsterDoug

    TNC Drivers and Teamsters Applaud San Francisco for Extending Business License Deadline

    There is power in numbers! Please contact me here to get involved! TNC DRIVERS AND TEAMSTERS APPLAUD SAN FRANCISCO FOR EXTENDING BUSINESS LICENSE DEADLINE Actions coincide with weeks of organizing and lobbying efforts (SAN FRANCISCO) — Ride share drivers and Teamsters throughout the Bay...
  9. MikesUber

    Uber Drivers Seek to Team Up with Teamsters

    Labor union says it has received "overwhelming outreach" from Uber drivers seeking benefits and a stronger voice on the job. Source: http://www.cnet.com/news/uber-drivers-seek-to-team-up-with-teamsters/ April 22, 20163:19 PM PDT A day after Uber settled a pair of class action lawsuits over...
  10. Bill Feit

    About Organizing from those who are winning

    This is a pretty good article about Seattle and their efforts to organize for better conditions: http://www.socialistalternative.org/2016/01/30/organize-uber-interview-app-based-driver/ Here are three paragraphs on why Seattle: The teamsters had decided that Seattle was the city that would be...