1. Jack Malarkey

    ATO assesses taxi drivers at $1.30 per kilometre where proper records not kept

    Australian Taxation Office: Taxi cents per kilometre earnings rate The cents per kilometre earnings rate is the average amount of income earned by a taxi for the total kilometres travelled by the taxi in a year. The rate includes GST. It does not take expenses into account. It only measures...
  2. E

    Renault-Nissan alliance, Google to partner on SDC - Nikkei

    Feb 5 (Reuters) - The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance will tie up with Alphabet Inc'sGoogle to develop autonomous taxis and other services using self-driving vehicles, the Nikkei reported on Tuesday...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Uber being sued for $1.5 billion dollars by London taxi LONDON (Reuters) - London taxi drivers are drawing up a plan to sue mobile app Uber for over 1 billion pounds ($1.3 billion), Sky News reported on Tuesday citing...
  4. MHR

    Bali’s taxi-drivers don't like Uber either Sorry, I’ve tried to cut n paste and keep getting JavaScript errors.
  5. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver cuffed for punching NYPD traffic agent in face This Uber driver was uber mad! Cops arrested a 21-year-old driver for the popular transporation app they say attacked an NYPD traffic enforcement agent in Midtown Thursday. Witnesses...
  6. Maven

    Snapp: Iran's Uber The ride-hailing app that rules Tehran's busy streets Tehran's busy streets have 5 times as many taxis as New York, offering huge potential for a ride-hailing app. CNN Money Marketplace Middle East July 31, 2017 by...
  7. QLDUberDriver

    Customer fury at Gold Coast Cabs driver allegedly trying to extort overpriced fare

    Get ready for mothers with kids too young to ride without a child seat now. The Uber push almost seems, organised. Little does this woman know, the Taxi driver most likely will move over to Uber, if he doesn't already drive...
  8. Jason Jay Jones

    Cash for Trips?

    OK, forum, I has a new question. Would you take a cash ride while you’re online? Even though Lyft isn’t very popular here in College Station, TX, I would always get requests from people hanging out at the bars if I could take them to X place if they pay me in cash. I had to add signs to my...
  9. Jack Malarkey

    'Sydney's taxis take the fight to Uber' First two paragraphs: Sydney taxis will be able to turn off their meters as part of a radical package of reforms designed to help them...
  10. Krypto_Dogg


  11. circle1

    How Uber Wiped Out Millions In Capital From "Mom And Pop" Investors In NYC's 'Green Cab Ponzi'

    "The first yellow-taxi medallions were sold in New York City in 1937 for $10 each. Over the next several decades, the value of those medallions soared until they ultimately peaked at roughly $1.1 million in 2004, generating an annual return that far outpaced equity returns over the same...
  12. circle1

    Cab Industry On Verge Of Collapse? [CapitalOne Shifts Support to Uber]

    Cab Industry On Verge Of Collapse? Capital One's Taxi NPL Rate Soars Above 50% "Having abandoned its venture to lend out roughly $1 billion to legacy Taxi "Medallion" drivers and businesses some two years ago, and shifting its backing over to Uber resulting in many unhappy drivers as well as a...
  13. BurgerTiime

    Uber Has Created A Taxi Graveyard In NYC
  14. Dodge Uber

    Anti-Uber stickers getting popular in taxis

    I guess they really due hate us, I have a few others on my dash cam I've caught too. Also had a taxi slow and tell me to "go @@@@ myself" while I was at the airport this evening
  15. SafeT

    Taxi Drivers are Ubers Drivers

    I had another passenger complain about new Uber drivers being ex-Taxi drivers. He was with a group of guys. They had been standing on a very well known street (easy pickup location) late at night trying to get an Uber driver to pick them up. The Uber driver couldn't figure our where they were...
  16. Cam11b

    Miami Taxi App(s) ???

    I've seen a couple stickers on some yellow cabs regarding a taxi app, but when I search for both iOS & Android, I can only find old apps with very few downloads. Then the other night, I pulled up to [wouldn't you like to know] and the passenger that got in had jumped in the wrong Uber (totally...
  17. BC1045

    UBER Home Town SF Documentary *****

    Just ran across this 2014 Driving for Hire documentary on YouTube. Made in San Francisco, home of Uber. Very informative and enlightening for Uber, Lyft, and other TNC/VFH drivers everywhere. 1 hour 25 minutes, well worth your time. Happy Trails...