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taxi harassment

  1. JerseyBoy911

    Yesterday at Metro Park Station

    The parking lot attendant knocks on my window and says "Uber is illegal in Woodbridge Township, don't pick up at the taxi stand, pickup at the drop off area..cops will give you a $1000 ticket here" I told him, it's illegal in New Jersey too ;-) then showed him my badge " I don't care if you're...
  2. Zimba

    Vote Out Senate President Andy Gardiner In Florida! Uber Drivers Unite!

    Uber's Fight in Florida Is Getting Personal The company is aiming political-campaign style attacks at a state senator blocking legislation that it favors. Johana Bhuiyan Mar 9, 2016, 3:08p In its fight for statewide oversight on ride-hailing laws in Florida, Uber is dusting off the policy...
  3. Nixy

    New in Detroit

    Hey new just signed up, haven't actually taken any passengers yet. Detroit Metro. Thinking about basing out of Troy/696/75 area. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any general advice and especially, if anyone has had problems w taxi-harassment and where they have been harassed at, so...