taxi driver

  1. I

    Still no benefits available on my UI any advice?

    Hi there, I've been helping someone apply for Unemployment and their claim shows they have a weekly benefit amount of 0. The person I am helping is a taxi driver and filed over a month ago, before they had changed the application to specifically include all the Covid questions. He hasn't...
  2. Maven

    Anti-Driver Crime

    Driver Safety How safe are drivers against passenger attack? Let alone attacks from taxi drivers enraged that we are taking there jobs. There is no way to know. None! The cops do not keep these types of statistics. Uber might, but they have a history of not sharing information unless forced...
  3. Gilbert_Aus

    Still safe to visit Brisbane Partner Centre?

    I attended the Uber Partner Sausage sizzle last week at the Fortitude Valley office. However on entry I noticed a suspicious man taking photos of EVERYONE who entered and left. He even slapped a car with his hands as it entered the driveway. He was on loud speaker passing on vehicle details to...
  4. G

    Harassment from Taxi Driver

    My mother was harassed at the State College airport the other night by a taxi driver simply because he thought she was an Uber driver. My mother has white hair and drives a patched up minivan. He started harassing her as soon as she pulled up, yelling at her through her closed windows and...
  5. afrojoe824

    Lyft ride from Hell..

    Got my car serviced yesterday at the dealers. Went to my dentist appointment while the car was being serviced. Wait for the free shuttle for 2 hours and it never came. Ordered a Lyft instead and started the Lyft Ride from hell. Driver picked me up. should've seen the signs and cancelled the...
  6. Uberchampion

    Taxi Driver Payback

    I have a thought...since taxi drivers continue to attempt to screw decent uber drivers with petty attempts of sabotage eg: cutting us off while driving, honking at pax as they get into my car, dirty looks and now sending pictures to insurance companies. Why don't we start playing by their...
  7. LA Cabbie

    Drive cab over uber?

    Major changes are coming to Los Angeles taxi. This includes: 1) uber like app. 2) flexible work schedule. If you had the opportunity to rent a cab by the shift (12 hr) for say $50 at of course much better rates than uber, would you make the switch to taxi rather than abusing your own personal car?
  8. afrojoe824

    Former taxi driver pinged me to vent about getting kicked out of lyft and uber

    So today as I was uberlyft-Ing, I got a ping from a pax named cincero. I arrived at the location and he walks to my window and hands me $20 in cash and says "this is for you". Gets in my car and starts venting about how he was a former taxi driver. He started to lyft first then he got kicked...
  9. FilmStudentTO

    Need individual for Uber vs. Taxi Documentary

    Hi, I am a film student at Ryerson and I'm making a documentary about the whole dilemma with Uber and the Taxi industry here in Toronto. I am looking for someone or the name of someone who is a Taxi driver and a Uber driver or a Taxi driver who quite to become a full time Uber driver. I'm trying...