taxi cabs

  1. Amit Makhija

    Which is the best taxi service provider, Uber or Lyft?

    I am looking for reviews on both Uber & Lyft's services. Has anyone used the taxi services of Uber & Lyft on the same day? If yes, What was the 1 core difference you noticed? Which one do you think is better, and why? I have used Uber's taxi service, but haven't used Lyft yet.
  2. Clayla

    Radio Cabs photo radar tickets don’t show up?

    I had a bragging Radio Cab driver as a Lyft pax tell me that when they get photo radar tickets and red light camara tickets they don’t even go on their driving record or count against them down at the city! Is this true? My brother in law was deactivated by both Lyft and Uber because of a police...
  3. Blahgard

    Courtney Love Attacked in Paris: Uner Driver Held "Hostage" by Taxi Drovers

    From-2015 Courtney Love was attacked in Paris on Thursday (June 25) by what she described as a "mob of taxi drivers." Taxi workers have been recently using blockades in European cities to picket Uber, as the mobile car-hailing service has hurt their industry; on Thursday, that picketing turned...
  4. TomInVegas

    NV Legislature Report on Corrupt Taxi Industry (LINK!)
  5. Uberchampion

    Taxi Driver Payback

    I have a thought...since taxi drivers continue to attempt to screw decent uber drivers with petty attempts of sabotage eg: cutting us off while driving, honking at pax as they get into my car, dirty looks and now sending pictures to insurance companies. Why don't we start playing by their...
  6. a_chicky

    looks like tomorrow may be an alright day to uber in Chi

    there is a proposed strike for cab drivers in Chicago tomorrow, 10/8/15 starting at 6 am. Its on WGN and Fox32. Cannot post the link- too new
  7. chi1cabby

    Federal Judge: Chicago's differing regulations of Uber vs taxis may violate equal protection