1. J

    Tax deduction - express rental fee

    Can I deduct both lyft express rental fees and mileage together as expenses? Or if I pick mileage deduction, cannot deduct express rental fees? Thank you
  2. duracell

    Entertainment tax deduction eg Spotify

    Hi. I understand that drivers can claim a Spotify subscription as a tax deduction. Does anybody know if this extends to Youtube Red as it includes Google Play Music? Or is it just those entertainment providers that run through the Uber App? Thanks
  3. T

    Im looking for CPA in Dallas Texas.

    Im looking for CPA in Dallas Texas.
  4. I

    U/L Tax Question...

    So I drive for both U+L. I am in a situation where I made more than $600 for uber and less than $600 for Lyft so I dont have to report my Lyft earnings. However, my mileage log is combined. What I am thinking of doing to get a roundabout mileage number to report for uber is prorate the total...
  5. fragmonger

    Personal vs Business Taxes?

    This was my first year driving Uber, so it will be my first time filing taxes as an Uber driver: -I setup my Uber license based on my business license (Sole proprietorship), which has it's own tax ID number (EIN) So..... do I file my Uber taxes as the business or include them on my personal...
  6. B

    GST on purchase

    If I buy a car for $16,000 on 01/12/2018 and do UBER. Can I put it as GST on purchases at the end of this GST quarter which is 31/12/2018?
  7. Sam. P

    ATO chasing overdue BAS?

    I've read in a thread on Facebook that the ATO is teaming up with external collection agencies. Should we be worried???? copy and paste: "From now on if your clients have overdue lodgment obligations, we may refer them to an external collection agency to secure lodgment on our behalf. Starting...
  8. Alex @ Airtax


    Designed by PwC Tax Specialists, Airtax does simple tax for individuals from $49. Our integration with Uber allows you to pull earnings and expense data straight from your Uber profile into the BAS, making it super straightforward to stay compliant. Best of all it only takes a couple of minutes...
  9. D

    Fading Receipts

    I am finding some of my older receipts from petrol stations have become faded. How long are we meant to keep them? Are we allowed to use digital copies of them. If so can someone recommend a good app for taking, compressing and cataloging them. As taking a photo creates unnecessary large...
  10. WestSydGuy

    WA transport levy 10% 10% for all rideshare trips, also an annual authorisation (fee) for drivers. NSW will be all over this idea at their next brain storming session.
  11. Lissetti

    Uber gets on board with congestion pricing in Seattle

    The city is currently studying the feasibility of tolling busy downtown streets By Sarah Anne [email protected] Oct 8, 2018, 10:39am PDT Late last month, ride-hailing (and now bike-share) company Uber announced it would be devoting much of its lobbying energy to pushing for congestion...
  12. Christopher Jones

    Ontario Accounting/Bookkeeping

    Can anybody suggest a good accountant and/or bookkeeper for Ontario (preferably GTA)?
  13. Harry B

    has anyone done their taxes for DD. Just wondering if tips can be written off?

    has anyone done their taxes for DD. Just wondering if tips can be written off? Has anyone filed taxes for door-dash and made money on the tax form?
  14. B

    Change of business usage percentage

    What if I complete the uber logbook for three months and it shows a business percentage of 98%. And all of a sudden I could get a full time job and now by business usage is only 50%. When completing GST and tax returns, do I put 98% or 50% for the business usage of my vehicle? Remember that the...
  15. Neologismist

    Business type, tax filing

    ok, so I researched and “loser” is not an accepted job description for the IRS. How do y’all file your taxes, and have you created an llc? As I understand it, the only way to make any money doing this is, 1) know what you are doing, 2) filing taxes the right way, deduct the hell out of...
  16. I

    Has anyone done income tax by himself/herself? need help

    Hey, I am doing my income tax by myself through mygov website. I drove for uber and ola for two months. I have checked the box "You were a sole trader or had business income or losses, partnership or trust distributions (not from a managed fund)" and then checked sub label "Business income or...
  17. Uberingen

    Meal & HST

    Forgive me, I know similar topics were discussed before but no clear answer for this case. I read that you might be eligible to write off meals if you travel to a “far away” city. So: 1. How much in kms is far away according to HST and income tax laws? 2. You have to eat at least once in 12...
  18. D

    tax help

    i am fairly new to uber and just looking for some help. when i do file does the mileage deduction come off of your gross earning which i am showing includes all uber fees and taxes or does it come off of my net pay out? also uber is a part time job for me and have a full time job. what can i...
  19. A

    UberEats Tax return And annual responsibility

    Has anybody done tax return for ubereat? is there any guide for fill out the forms in ATO?
  20. WestSydGuy

    Taxify signup costs

    just wondering if we need another background check for taxify, can they use the Uber background check somehow? If not, how much is their background check costing us?