1. DrivingStPete

    Sarasota Degregulates Uber

    Nice to see Sarasota listens to its citizens http://www.wtsp.com/story/news/local/2015/09/08/sarasota-deregulates-hire-services-uber-lyft-taxis/71908742/
  2. PowerTrip

    Uber needs your support

    Hi Power Trip, Partners like you have provided the Tampa Bay community with access to safe, reliable transportation for over a year. The Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission, however, has continued with their effort to eliminate ridesharing as we know it and your opportunity to...
  3. PowerTrip

    labor day weekend

    How did the Holiday weekend go for Fares? Better or Worse? Friday was back to back fares from 6 to 10 PM with a trip from Carrollwood to St Pete, with tip. On another fare I got a $10 tip for a cancel. The pax decided to take his car, he met me at the gate and gave me the money for my troubles...
  4. PowerTrip


    This may have been covered before, here is a reminder. Be sure to check your Sun Pass for charges and compare them against what Uber gave you credit for. I have found where they have given me to much credit and mostly where a toll is missing or under paid. The biggest problem is with not the...