1. makes_sense

    Drive society won't be launching in Tampa they need a new city

  2. makes_sense

    Tragic nightmare Uber Driver being sued for wrongful death in orlando florida

  3. RobinTampa

    Bucs/USF Games at Raymond James

    Hi! I'm not an Uber driver, but someone interested in doing business with Uber drivers. :) I own the lot closest to Raymond James Stadium where most of the traffic walks by for football games. We park cars in our lot and have merch tents and a food truck. We're at the northeast corner of Tampa...
  4. DrivingStPete

    Water Spout off Madeira Beach

    as of 1:10pm. Be careful if you're driving over the next few days!
  5. B

    On average grossly or net do you make part time in Tampa bay market.

    I work part time. Started in July. In 2 days I did 230. Gross. Net after expenses. I.e gas. Only at the time. It was 215 net. But since then I don't even come close. It may be where I'm driving but still. 4 or 5 trips. In 3 to 4 hrs is terrible. I sit 95%of the time unless I think it's better...
  6. dabossman212

    Uber Select

    I was playing around with the Fair Estimator on the Uber site yesterday and I noticed it kept saying Uber Select unavailable even in spots where I used to drive Select (TPA and Downtown). Is Uber Select suspended in Tampa or is this a website glitch?
  7. dabossman212

    Hot weather

    Extremely hot weather be careful out there. The weather is so damn hot that my AC never stops running. As a result now it doesn't work at all. I can't wait to see the bill for the AC repair! #FML
  8. dabossman212

    PAX gave me a stomach flu

    Be careful out there
  9. dabossman212

    PTC Attire

    I was told by TIA police that they are wearing white shirts. The 2 men that approached me I am not sure if they are legitimate. One man had a wallet looking thing around his neck and the other was wearing what appeared to be a curbside checkin outfit. Has anyone seen what they wear??
  10. K

    At&T plan requirement

    Does anyone have this 300MB + ulimiteal talk & text for 25$/month + 1 GB/month free plan from At&T? If yes how much do you pay after taxes? I have not been driving from past four five weeks now. but this plan is available for me in my rewards. If I take it from AT&T and not driving Do I still...
  11. Bobbydin

    Working Tampa

    I worked all day in Tampa with the exception of the airport and did quite well. Stop worrying and don't accept any 5.0 riders. I even think you can be safe taking rides at KTPA if they are women with a below 5.0
  12. U

    Stop Driving for UBER Period

    Please stop driving for UBER. They need to add a tip option or disclose that's tip are not included in the rates with the recent price decrease or bring up the price to at least $1.25 a mile. Please stop driving for a company that does not care about their so called independent contractors/...
  13. SteamFlyer82

    Booted from Cell Phone Parking Lot TIA!

    Ended my good mood. A gentleman in an airport cruiser approached my car and asked me to leave due to me being an Uber Driver. Today sucked, too. Surges not what was expected and did several drunk fares blocks from their requested location. #WeAreBeingTakenForARide
  14. Kennedy C

    after a rate slash, I'm done with Uber's slave wages

    (I posted this in Nov, but cross-posting to the QUIT forum now for more eyeballs) I've been driving on and off since January 2015 shortly after Uber entered the market here. Recently the per mile charge was dropped from $1.25 to $0.95. This was, by the way, very shortly after the "safe rides...
  15. PowerTrip

    Operation Cruise SoHo-UBER OFF for one hour, Midnight to 1am.

    Operation Cruise SoHo-Location change JAN 16 Operation Cruise SoHo-Location change Event for Tampa Bay Rideshare · at 11 PM - 1 AM Jan 16 at 11 PM to Jan 17 at 1 A Show Map Memorial Hospital of Tampa 2901 W Swann Ave, Tampa, Florida 33609 UBER OFF for one hour, Midnight to 1am. This is...
  16. S

    Divide and conquer

    Reading all these post I had realized that Uber is using the old technique of divide and conquer; there are people driving that do not mind how much they make and other that relay in this income to survive, so some might be able to quit and others might need to drive more to make some money...
  17. SteamFlyer82

    Uber Dating: Single Guy Own's a Car & Has a Stable Job.

    Dating Another Uber Driver, Oh May! I'm a single 33 year old male. I have a full-time job that allows me to work from home as an IT specialist and I habitually enjoy taking my car out after work and earning extra money by allowing strangers to direct me to their desired location for a minimal...
  18. SteamFlyer82

    Tampa: Seriously, What Are You Thinking?

    Tampa: Seriously, What Are You Thinking? Yesterday I picked up a 3rd party PAX from a beauty/nail salon. When I arrived, I did my typical 2 minute wait before calling the PAX. When she answered on the 3rd time, she explained to me that I would be picking up her sister from the nail salon...
  19. SteamFlyer82

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Uber Drivers!

    Dear UberPeople.net, Wishing all Uber Drivers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Whether your behind the wheel or a plate of food surrounded by family, friends and loved ones today, please know that I am grateful for the Uber Community, which is You. A special shout-out to Tampa Uber...
  20. SteamFlyer82

    Said Goodbye to a $120 Fare...

    First fare for the evening was an individual requesting a trip from Northern Tampa to Orlando. An estimated $120 Fare. Needless to mention, I eagerly accepted his route and made sure the passenger was comfortable for his hour and a half ride; offering a bottle of water and candy. As the trip...