1. TrevorDrives

    Uber Eats dangles carrot (boost) then takes it away?

    Hi Uber People! I have been lurking awhile, wanted to ask you guys about this. The short backstory is I've done about 700 UE deliveries in 10 months, most in the Portland market before moving to the Tacoma area in December. In Portland, boosts were relatively consistently available, though...
  2. tucker_m

    Tacoma Business License & UBI #

    I have been researching this stuff for awhile now and I haven't had any luck so I'm hoping someone here can help me. I'm trying to apply to drive with Uber and I need to obtain a Tacoma Business License but I have a few questions. For the license name, is it simply just my first and last name...
  3. Lumos_de_Fortuno

    Can you drive for more than one city?

    So I live in Bremerton Washington right now, I'd thought Seattle would be in the same territory, apparently Bremerton is part of Tacoma. So my understanding is you have to be within your region/territory to be able to go online and pickup rides correct? Can you be authorized to drive in more...
  4. Smashup

    Can I drive Tacoma AND Seattle? (Uber said yes, now they say no)

    A month or so ago, when checking out Uber, I applied for Seattle, but, given my home address on the Olympic Peninsula, they told me I first had to drive in Tacoma and then had to add Seattle. Today in a chat, Uber said, no, you can't drive both Tacoma and Seattle. You can drive either but not...