tablet users

  1. R

    Uber Drive app on an Android tablet.

    I struggle with the driver app on my cell phone. Small display is rough on my 67 year old eyes. Today for the hell of it I downloaded and installed the driver app on my Android tablet. Worked great and much easier to see. I was under the impression that the driver app would not run on a...
  2. Slat90

    Boredom as you drive pax on their phone conversations

    When I drove yellow I always kept myself entertained by listening on my headphones to YouTube,, podcasts and just learn things as I do my job and it helps ignoring pax annoying talks. With this kind of business my phone is hostage to the GPS. So do you guys do anything to keep you entertained...
  3. steveK2016

    For Tablet Users: A Solution For Randomized Numbers

    So I started my weekend of Ubering yesterday and discovered that yes, they have officially changed the system to randomize the phone numbers to contact pax. At first, I was upset. That was lessened when all day I was receiving non-stop pings. Didn't have a chance to feel upset! Once I had a...
  4. ZRDaugharty

    Help me save my beloved Nokia Lumia 1520

    I am a new driver (I have not had my first customer yet) only to learn I cannot use my Nokia Lumia 1520 as a driver. I love my phone and was told I could probably keep it as long as I purchased a tablet and somehow connected the two. I love the idea as I like the larger display for Navigation...
  5. MulletMan

    Tablet setup with multiple phones and gps...too much technology?

    My setup, what do you think, I am fully prepared to be chastised ;)
  6. J-D-P

    Free Glow Signage

    FREE ipad glow sign - upload this pic to your tablet and choose edit for the black background. Grab it by the mount and point it at your night pax. (Look at my avatar for the example)