1. M$G

    Audi Q7

    Hello. Is there any particular reason as to why the Q7 isn’t on the SUV list? I see i can do XL and Black which both seem to make it fit into the SUV category if I have my logic correct. Uber XL (Bigger vehicle seating 6+), and Uber Black (Luxury Vehicle).= Uber SUV (bigger luxury vehicle). I...
  2. Toronto

    What Suv to Buy?

    I’m in market to buy a suv mostly for personal use and sometimes doing Uber, what is your suggestion ,opinion for 7 seats plus SUV? It has to be real good on gas and qualify for uber select or lyft laxury. Share pros and cons if you prefer any. Thank you
  3. Rakos

    XL Drivers pax

    This thread is for the XL drivers... I want to share some experiences.... that you would usually only have... if you drive XL or a combination... First question.... has anyone else noticed... that a fair number of your rides... are 4 or less passengers... they seem to be getting larger...
  4. PlatinumRSS

    Actual Uber Black requirements as of today in Denver?

    Who knows all the exact requirements in Denver for Uber Black/SUV as of right now? I hear conflicting things. I know I should just go to the office and find out but meanwhile im asking around.
  5. Punisher187

    And another lawsuit for U...

    Come on guys we need more WAV for NYC. Turn those suburbans into WAV and you will get even more suv pings. Some ideas provided below:D:D:confused:
  6. bigsports

    uberXL request percentage

    Hello, all. I am looking to get myself a different vehicle and I'm wondering if it's worth it to get an SUV/Crossover with a third row. If there aren't that many XL requests out there to be had, I may just stick to uberX. To all you XL drivers out there, what percentage of your requests are XL?
  7. dirtylee

    Uber black/suv

    Just how bad is the market for them? I priced out DAL to the omni, ~$25 to the driver. 6 trips a day like that = $150. Then I did the math, those cars burn gas like crazy so atleast $20/day. Addin the cost of the car, $700-$1k/month with insurance. About $30/day. So $150 - $20 - $30 =...
  8. I

    Uber SUV questions

    Hi everyone, does any of you drives for Uber SUV? I'm currently drive Camry Hybrid but going to buy Infiniti QX60 and drive for SUV level. I just not sure that there is enough Uber-SUV requests in NYC. I don't want to do Uber-Pool on $50k worth car))
  9. J

    Advice on trying out Uber suv

    I recently met a suv driver in Los Angeles and he mentioned how he was taking home 1500 a week after paying $500 lease weekly and uber. Ive been thinking about trying uber suv. From people with experience with uber suv. What are the pro and cons
  10. paulroman


    Is anyone driving LUX only in Miami or Miami Beach? Everyone I know driving LUX is also driving SUV LUX and XL. Some drivers have told me that out of the three platforms, XL is the real bread winner and LUX is basically only for weekends.........hmmmmm....Fact or Fiction?
  11. DallasLimoDriver2017

    Uber SUV Income In Dallas

    Can any DALLAS SUV drivers please give me an idea how much you make a week/month/year as an SUV capable driver? (Including all lower class income you can bring in with your SUV vehicle) I know gas, ins, car payments, tolls, blah blah are all fluctuating and relative to the days and times and...
  12. Drive2bFree

    SUV/Luxury Vehicles looking to diversify income

    I'm only posting this now as I'm on holiday this last week of the year. Otherwise, too busy earning. Those of you who have invested in the more expensive SUV's or luxury vehicles and are concerned about your investment and wear and tear, I have a few suggestions. If you like any, take them. If...
  13. S

    Looking to rent an SUV asap

    Please guys if anybody knows of someone looking to rent their SUV send me a private message with their contact information. Thank you so much!
  14. aradagebeya


    Please upload a screenshot if possible... Almost $11,000 in one month (including tips) san diego market. With the path Travis is taking HELL WILL FREEZE OVER before we ever make that kinda money ever again!!! It feels like a distant dream these days..
  15. ebrain

    Buying new Chevy Suburban for Uber Black/SUV?

    This question is specific to my situation and might not apply to others. I earn a reasonable living from sources other than Uber (without going to work). Instead of sitting home doing nothing I tried UberXL for a little bit and now planning to do Uber Black/SUV part time since I love being on...
  16. JaxBlackCar


    Good Afternoon: JaxBlackCar, one of Jacksonville's Finest Executive Transportation Companies is seeking Licensed Black Car and Licensed SUV Drivers that have appropriate vehicles and would like extra work. We do comply with Jacksonville Regulations and will expect you to provide your...
  17. BurgerTiime

    Sting reveals limo drivers posing as Uber drivers to make quick cash
  18. stuber

    iCars...Are you a pro driver using iCars?

    I want to learn about iCars. Do any of the forum members here have first hand experience with it. If so, please comment. I am interested mostly to learn the particulars about the percentage splits, fees, rates, etc. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.
  19. ubersuv14


    Hi guys I have 2 uber SUV accounts. I drive one and use drivers for the other one. I'm getting tired of getting jerked around by the drivers
  20. DanoMite

    I'm new to uber/lyft and have several questions

    Hello community! I am current college major student living in Seattle trying to do part time for rent payment. I drive Black/Black 2011 Acura MDX (Seats total of 7 including myself) and I have several questions to ask... 1. If I want to do Uber XL and Uber Select, do I still need commercial...