1. T

    Question about DMV license suspension

    Hello everyone, I’ve been following this forum for some time now, but this is the first time I’m posting a question. Can you resume driving for uber and lyft after driver license suspension period is up and the license is reinstated? Does anybody have experienced such situation? Background...
  2. Halfmybrain

    Suspension yes but wait for the 2 twists

    I got permission to post this from another group because, twists. Edited slightly for clarity or brevity. "A few days ago I picked up this boy [of age] from 66th & Normal and drove him to 130th during rush hour on a express pool. We did not talk the whole time as he was on his phone, once I...
  3. Guided One

    DMV license Suspended for 60 Days

    I just went to traffic court today and found out that my DMV license will be suspended in the next 30 days for 2 months, because I got a speeding ticket 2 years ago (during my probationary period) and was just found guilty today. The judge told me that after getting my license back it will be...
  4. T

    Recieved 6 points from 2016 violation. Am I still getting suspended?

    Here’s my story: I got a speeding ticket back in Sept 2016 in Brooklyn and I have hired traffic attorney to fight this ticket for me. I have just been notified that court gave me 6 points for it. I got my TLC license done 3 months ago and haven’t used it at all. My question is - will my TLC...
  5. Ali R

    Base got suspended so did I

    Just received a letter from TLC regarding that my base was suspended and then I cannot work until transfer my base! Anybody experienced the same thing? Or know how long the peproce takes? Just cannot understand whats the driver's fault here? The base never notified me that they got suspended...
  6. P

    Waited Too Long

    I was supposed to take my drug test before April 1st to avoid suspension and never got around to it. Tlc compliance said my license would be suspended if I didn't. Finally took it today but Idk if my liscense has been suspended and I don't want to risk driving and getting pulled over. Is there...
  7. Drivers Champion

    Half a billion dollars J.U.S.T - L.I.K.E - T.H.A.T.

  8. D

    Uber account suspended coz of false report by a passenger

    I got a message and email from uber last night that a passenger reported that I had an accident sept 21 last year and my account is suspended. Replied to the msgs and email and said I did not have an accident sent pictures of my car as they ask. Been sending them messages thru email n mugs on...
  9. Showa50

    Account suspension, part deux (lax)

    Rep at Uber pen annex said my account was suspended because of too many airport cancels. Be warned mother Uber is on to you at LAX.
  10. metal_orion

    Suspended for an accident that happened a year ago.

    Yesterday I was driving in my regular morning shift from 4:00 am to 11:00 am when I decided to log off the app and go back home, but then I remembered why not turn on the destination filter to make some more money while I get back home. So when I log back in I see some red strip on top of the...
  11. Lyft_94110

    Lyft penalty box?

    -- post deleted by author --
  12. UberxGTA


    Wouldn't it be nice if Uber was held accountable on it's own rating system.Uber policy for drivers is that at around 4.4 or 4.5 stars a driver can get suspended and have to undergo re-training to boost their ratings. Uber has a 3.9 star rating on Google Play. By it's own policy it should be at...
  13. Jon Michael Plotter

    Deactivation notice for high cancellation rate/my reply to Uber!

    Out of the blue, this is what I received. I was concerned, but not pissed. This is the nature of the nature, and I get it... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uber Colorado is committed to...
  14. Showa50

    Temp deactivated from Postmates

    Temp deactivation for requesting reassigns for parking. Simply not waiting for a order that could take up to 45min to prepare, especially since the order is not being placed ahead of time. I was reactivated the same day. However when they deactivated me I lost all my hours I had reserved.
  15. Ces-Aviator

    Registration suspension

    If this gets here my driving days with uber are over.