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  1. U

    I have been waitlisted!

    I have been driving on the uber platform for a year now and have not really had any issues with passengers much, except for a couple of incidents where I had to claim for cleaning. I've also had good feedback from riders and also have been in the top 1%. I'm mostly a full time driver but for...
  2. UberxGTA


    Wouldn't it be nice if Uber was held accountable on it's own rating system.Uber policy for drivers is that at around 4.4 or 4.5 stars a driver can get suspended and have to undergo re-training to boost their ratings. Uber has a 3.9 star rating on Google Play. By it's own policy it should be at...
  3. Henryk121

    Picture verification not passed!?

    Hello everyone! I have to share it so maybe someone have had similar experience... I tried to go online today and was asked to take a selfie for a verification. I did so and received information that " Face did not match" and my account got suspended. I contacted the uber support but didn't...
  4. Salman

    Account Disabled!

    Hi people, My partner account has been disabled due to fraudulent activity. I Use my wife's rider (real account, not fake) to giver her ride also give myself ride . she has s many free rides. so at end of the day i would request myself from her account and drive home and get paid. Now I got...
  5. S

    suspended due to background check

    i just got an email from uber that said i was suspended due to a random background check. my account still works...is the email a fake? it looks real. also, i have 1 ticket and a fender bender in a parking lot that i was at fault. is that enough to get suspended? i am not sure if the...
  6. uberjulio

    Services is suspended

    Services is suspended until further notice,
  7. T

    DMV Background Check

    I just got an email from checkr regarding my background check. Everything was clear apart from Motor Vehicle check which reads "suspended". What could this possibly mean? My DL is active and I've only had one ticket in the last three years. I have tried contacting Checkr and Uber but no one has...