1. UnorthodoxThinker

    UberPeople Melbourne Political Survey

    Just a quick survey to assess and gauge the general political leanings of this forum.
  2. J

    How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Help Make UBER Rides Safer For Passengers? [POLL]

    Hi Uber community! We are a research team hoping to gain important insights on our voice-enabled AI phone application that detects signs of sexual harassment and deploys safety, precautionary interventions (e.g. triggering fake phone calls, notifying friends/families). As this solution helps...
  3. K

    How satisfied are you driving with Uber?

    HOW SATISFIED ARE YOU DRIVING WITH UBER? My answer was: Uber drivers are treated like nothing by Uber itself! We're nothing but worker bee's to you guys but actually less valued at the same time! Uber is about to go public and you all are about to become millionaires in the process but us...
  4. Uber7654

    Rideshare survey

    I’ve been getting the rideshare survey from fuber for over 3 months now every week and they payout $20-$30 for it. How many of you get this? Just curious.
  5. Tom McNulty

    Uber Eats Driver Survey: $50 for 10 minute survey

    Uber Eats Drivers in the city of Phoenix, I have a market research project on food delivery driver compensation. I can send you a $50 MasterCard prepaid Debit card or Amazon gift card for completing a 5-10 minute survey. Cards would be sent out about Nov 10th. If you are interested, and if...
  6. montyhall


    I am taking a survey
  7. MMM NYC

    Do they really want to know?

    They should just search here for "poop":D;)
  8. unqlriq

    How many times a shift do you switch between Rideshare apps?

    Hi Guys !! Just wanted to ask how many of you are switching often between Uber Taxify and Ola during a shift? This is obviously a tedious task but is it working to increase the number of fares? Is it presenting any safety hazards?
  9. Marco Solo

    New survey: Uber, Lyft used by (projected) nearly quarter-million Seattle area pax in last week Nearly a quarter-million Seattle-area residents (247,000 people, or 8.3% of the...
  10. New2This

    Lyft Survey

    Anyone else get this? I unloaded on them. I doubt it means anything but felt good to do it. They asked "do you see yourself driving for Lyft in 6 months?" My response "No". When they asked why I said "because you'll probably deactivate me for being honest".
  11. mrDEE630

    Lyft survey and follow up

    anyone else here do the Lyft survey through survey monkey like a week ago? Did you guys get a follow up call as well as an invite to the in person “talk”?
  12. New2This

    Uber Surveys

    Why do they keep sending these to me? Frowny face. The answers never change
  13. R

    Data analyst looking for help regarding driver pay!!

    I am working on a data project and am looking for some help from this community. I've posted a poll below and would love as much participation as possible. I am looking to understand what drivers are making after expenses per day. I've put in some broad categories for poll purposes. Any help...
  14. Showa50

    How stressful is driving for a living with Uber?

    This question came up on this months dumb Uber survey. This one takes the cake for stupidest one yet. We really have to be asked how stressful it is to deal with traffic and customers day after day and not have a consistent pay rate. Not to mention the overall bad health affects of sitting...
  15. Showa50

    Like zero, none, nada....

    Uber you control the whole experience with your app. And don't play like you have no idea what I'm talking about either. Let's make a list: Surge Surge killing tactics Boost Flash boost Quest Flash quest LAX queue LAX magic dead tree LAX surge cap LAX no hotel surge LAX flash boost...
  16. SurgeSurferSD

    You asked...

    Survey says....
  17. Jack Malarkey

    UberEATS survey

    Uber sent the following email to UberEATS delivery partners on Wednesday 23 August 2017. I found that the survey didn't really seek feedback on Uber's performance in UberEATS. Rather, it was seeking information about me. We want your feedback Hi Jack, UberEATS is committed to improving...
  18. L

    Y'all think this is worth $15?

    Looks like uber is trying hard to get a leg up. Idk if I'll be submitting. The click through link shows a screenshot example of a lyft driver.
  19. New2This

    Survey questions

    Got a survey. How do you answer these? They're equally horrid. Like choosing between Hitler and Stalin.
  20. RideShareJUNKIE

    Other? Really?

    I was taking a survey for LYFT about the driving experience feedback and features vs UBERs. As I was finishing up it was asking the usual survey demographic questions (age, income, etc). The the Gender TAB came up and I saw this for the first time in my life as an option. (i've done lots of...