1. Meghann2185

    No surges + decreased rates??

    No surges showing on the map the past couple weeks...? I know there were surges because I was paid for a few last night when I looked at my fare details. They just aren’t on the map. They are also multiplier surges instead of the usual dollar amount we usually have. Anyone else in Wilmington...
  2. U

    Is DC the only place that changed Surges to Add-on? ATL still had the 2.0X Surges

    I went to ATL and the drivers still had the regular surges and had no idea about the add on surges. Did this just change in DC? If so why just DC? Now given ATL drivers said they only get like .79 a mile compared to the $1.02 we get in DC but still they get surges.
  3. H


    So I went out in the rain, got 250% for my first ride, and my passenger said it was 20 dollars and my ride was only 10.00!! last month I did the same distance and it was 150% and it was 16 dollars......lyft support says, oh its a glitch!! in are system. oh really!!!
  4. JoyRydder432

    Standing Out At Night

    I notice that pax are often very hesitant to approach at night (I have the standard decal). I work the downtown area early mornings and it's a total pain to get my pax during surges. A lot of times they can't tell a Benz from Prius. It's frustrating! I've wanted to get one of those windshield...
  5. Uberdriver_Orlando

    Heat maps delays

    Anyone else notice the huge lag in the app on the heat maps inaccuracy on surges?
  6. Uberdriver_Orlando

    WTF! Surge duration and amount

    How is it possible the surge in our busy town never last.. Also how come we can't hit the high @@@@ing surges. Come on UBER! Get real stop killing Orlando market for real quality drivers. Use that 3 million you're using to help illegals drive for uber with 24/7 legal support and compensate...
  7. QLDUberDriver

    Uber Brisbane New Years Eve (email exaggerations again)$$$

    Latest email from Uber regarding NYE earnings: "New Years eve is one of the busiest nights of the year! Last year we saw drivers earning over $100 an hour in gross fares, during peak times!" What they left out was that rates where 20% higher this time last year and the govt is this year...
  8. Uberface007

    Bada PING!!!!!

    Bada Ping!!!!!! I know some of you guys cleaned up tonight during those surges. Good for you! Its about time Uber threw us a bone. Oh and did you get ping'd for driving to fast? I did✔. I just laughed so hard when it popped up. Now they are monitoring how fast we drive? First the rough breaking...
  9. Uberchampion

    Positive Thread for the Uber week of October 23rd

    So -I thought to myself..... "Self - Good things happen to all Uber Drivers at some point or another all over the world...." Share something good that happened to you during the last Uber week. Maybe you had a nice pax, or you got tipped, or you got xxx.... Maybe you picked up a Nice Uber...
  10. TripleDogDarius

    Surges / Peak Times in Fort Myers?

    I'll be riding Uber for the first time on Thursday because I need a ride to the airport. I heard about price surges and such for Uber and I really don't want to pay a fortune to go to the airport. I'm riding Uber rather than paying to leave my car at the airport all weekend so I'm hoping to save...
  11. M

    drake surges...

    did anyone do rides after the drake concert? on mon i was able to do a $23(not surge) for a couple that got out early to cooper city, returned, and got a 4.0 surge? to coconut creek. it came out to about $100 for 45min yest i got a 2.2 surge to coral gables. i could of got a better surge but it...
  12. XLperth

    The surge - just out of reach...

    I was driving tonight, when I was yet again toyed with teased even, by Uber....Rottnest Island was surging and all I could do is sit in Freo...and think of what could have been. This was a worse tease than driving towards a surge area, and seeing it retreat like a Broome tide. They are like a...
  13. duanedesign

    Strategy for tulsa

    I'm in my first week driving for uber. I'm trying to keep a journal of when and where I get rides. I'm trying to determine where my time is best spent. So far nothing to specific. So far i seem to intermittent rides downtown. Many others rides random. Are there an tips for a newbie on where to...
  14. Jkingston

    Uber Plans To Kill Surge Pricing

    Albuquerque, As a fellow uber driver myself, what are your thoughts in uber ending surge pricing for us?
  15. J. D.

    Are YOU part of the problem?

    If you're the get-away driver for the bank heist but didn't actually hold the gun, you are still guilty of bank robbery. No one will deny the standard rates paid to an Uber driver are ridiculous low. Uber has been scamming unsuspecting people into driving for years now by outright lies. "We...
  16. R

    No more surges in Miami

    I have been doing Uber for 6 months. It was good in the beginning, but not worth it anymore. For those of us that drive in big busy cities. Chances are higher for accidents and everything else is more expensive(tolls, insurance, etc.)I noticed I do not get any surge price areas. The areas are...
  17. Who35

    Question about Charlotte

    Just out of curiosity, how is it driving in Charlotte? Do you guys get a lot of surges?
  18. N

    Playoff day against Cardinals in Charlotte

    Did the insane suges work for you?
  19. JSM0713


    I'm going to toss this out there to see what you guys have to say about this... but first my opinion. Uber doesn't like it if we go online and not respond to a ping. It's inevitable, I go online to check out if there are surges on the map generally and more specifically where they're located...
  20. YummyX

    Drivers can no longer see the Surges!

    So every since yesterday after the upgrade. My driver app no longer shows where it's surging. It does light up yellow, orange or red. But if I'm in another app while I still have the Uber app on, like this morning (At the top on the blue bar) it says Uber surging 1.5-3.6x but I could not figure...