1. Bart Iceberg

    Jersey City and Bayonne area (surge)

    I've noticed for the couple of weeks that there is almost every time a surge in Jersey City and/or Bayonne. Are there not that many drivers or nobody wants to drive there? o_O
  2. soundude

    About that heat map...

    Uber says "The heat map should be used as a guide for where you’re likely to find surge in your city." So the last 2 days, I'm out and about in NW Durham and it is lit up like a Christmas tree Friday Morning and Saturday Evening 1.4x to 3.2x I am totally in the area. I'm getting rides in...
  3. Beepbeep41

    Surge Turned Down For Long Weekend

    Anyone in Brisbane notice the lack of surge this long weekend? Those silly buggers at Uber messing with things??
  4. Maxalto

    New $$ surge question

    When you get a ping from an area that has $5 surge, how many consecutive trips does that surge "stick" with you? If you don't cancel, reject, go offline, or change preferences.
  5. N

    CLE weather and surge

    This morning, Friday, I went online for a couple hours. There was barely any surge showing in Cleveland or the eastern suburbs on Uber when during the morning snowstorm and extreme cold temperatures. I picked up a woman with Lyft in Wickliffe and she said that the wait for a driver was so long...
  6. Marco Solo

    What's the Viadoom been like for you so far?

    ‘The cars just disappeared’: What happened to the 90,000 cars a day the viaduct carried before it closed? Apparently, Viadoom was not so doomy...
  7. Underground

    Highest surge you caught this snow storm!

    I know the app shows 3x or 4x. The most I got was 1.9x What about you guys?
  8. T

    Uber fees more than driver pay

    i had this pool trip from downtown sf to sfo and surprisingly found out that uber fees was actually alomst double the driver
  9. El Geordie

    Surge! Use 2 phones.

    Not sure if it's common knowledge or not. But I have 2 phones running, the one that I use (online) to accept work/navigate etc. The second phone (internet sharing from the first phone) I use to keep an eye on surges, thebphone just stays in offline mode. When I drop off and it pings me a...
  10. U

    woke up at 6, no red surge...?

    Havent used the app in 3 years but upon activating it yesterday it seems like theres no more red in the morning rush hour? Too many drivers or what?
  11. DMAGENT99

    No Surges on a Saturday Night ! Uber system outage last night?

    Called support, said there was an issue, but they are working to correct it. Of course this was right before 1. No requests were coming through, and absolute joke last night. It was obvious the system was messed up, and of course support is no support. Maybe this the secrete behind the new surge...
  12. I

    Day light Robbery

    I picked up 3 pools and 5 riders And Uber took more than 73% commission.
  13. RideshareSpectrum

    Ant Mentality 101

    So there was a 3/$5 CTB this morning that caused a map wide whiteout. I personally refuse to drive for base during rush hour and personally think Uber paying less than $40 an hour is insulting to any of us who fight through Bay Area rush hour traffic to deliver the entitled to work on time ...
  14. B

    Lyft Prime Time Surge Capped at 300%

    I guess no more surges on Lyft past 300%. It's been a while since I saw 350% or higher. Last NYE, surged topped 600%.
  15. ibabuvu

    2.0 or NO!

    Uber has been screwing us for too long. They sign up new drivers by the hundreds every day, here in Las Vegas, and are taking advantage of the full timers by doing so. The only way we can fight back is by saying NO. If it's a weekend, or event, we must not accept trips that aren't 2.0 surge or...
  16. Nazmul

    Vomited on car

    ×please can anyone advise on this matter. As this happened to me first-time I gave customer 5star lol. he was alright with positive behaviour but adter his getting ofg his friend totally massed my car couldn't leave the guy on road too drunk taken him to destation. Taken pictures but sad...
  17. O

    Surge or no surge?

    Hi everyone, Newbie here. Can anyone tell me what these prices that are displayed on the map are? Are they surge pricing? I don’t see the colored areas along with the price which I know is surge pricing. I was in the area of one of the displayed prices, but got nothing. Thank you!
  18. I

    Thoughts on Lyft

    i do not get prime time anymore. Lyft has completely shut off prime time and it makes me wonder does anyone even bother to drive Lyft? Even on rush hour I do not see prime time. How can some drive for .76 cents per mile and .12 cents per min in rush hour? Lyft has declared war on drivers.
  19. T

    Anyone else get royally screwed out of surges this past week??

    I've been driving for uber for 5 months and know where to be and when. SEVERAL times this week I've been right in the heart of a 3.something surge and getting zero requests! WTH? Anyone else experiencing this b.s.?
  20. johnydynamic

    Example of New Surge Screwing Drivers

    I got a unique perspective of how the new Surge can be manipulated to maximize Uber’s income while minimizing driver pay. I fly to Houston every Sunday night and take an Uber from the airport to my hotel downtown. The fare is always between $30 and $35 with no surge or traffic. This past...