surge - too many drivers

  1. Lost In Translation

    Drivers: Say Goodbye to Surge Zones on the app? Maybe!

    I saw no surge here in San Francisco starting at 5 pm and continuing for 4 hours. I went home because I refuse to drive for the money losing base rate. It's now 10:15 and no sign of any surge anywhere. I think we might be seeing the end of surge zones displayed on the partner app.. This is...
  2. L

    Weekends ain't worth it anymore?

    So I'm out for my Saturday night shift and I'm chilling at the Howard U McDonald's parking lot.....WHY TF is the parking lot filled with Ubers?! . This may be a predominately Lyft night for me and I switching to weekday rush hours and possibly late night hours (after 1am). Besides Lyft offers...
  3. 2hot2handle

    No Surge During Work Rush - New Drivers?

    Hey yall (my super country voice) again I have been studying my drivers app and today I didn't see any surges over 2.0x during the afternoon rush. I did notice a lot of cars out, but I have seen that the afternoon rush goes to a 3.0x sometimes a 4.5x. Is it more drivers on the road or what...
  4. UberReallySucks

    Huge Surge in san Diego - CA

    Of Drivers... That is :) and they all had the same idea to go to the airport today.