surge pricing

  1. Tr4vis Ka1anick

    We Think Uber and Lyft's New Surge Fares Screw Drivers and Riders. Help Us Prove It. Aaron Gordon and Dhruv Mehrotra 31 minutes ago Filed to: Uber Uber changed how its surge pricing works last year. Not for riders, but for drivers. The changes have resulted in drivers earning less from...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    ‘Busy area fee’ introduced in Canberra for Uber Eats consumers

    See this thread in the Canberra forum about a ‘busy area fee’ for Uber Eats consumers in that city: It appears that this fee is being trialled in Canberra and that it may in time also apply in other...
  3. Butch Cassidy

    'bump' pricing; driver's option

    We should have the option, and not just on snow days, to add an additional 'bump' in price, a minimum amount like say $5.00 to our ride. Create our own 'surge' pricing... and 'snow' day pricing added to the Uber amount. The customer will see this amount in their 'up front' pricing and can take...
  4. Maven

    UberBOATS to Rescue Hurricane Harvey Texas Victims

    Just in the "nick of time" time, Uber's new service, UberBOATS is ready to rescue stranded victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and bring them emergency supplies. After criticism for insane surge pricing during many similar situations, Uber promises not to take advantage of the disaster. Uber...
  5. ReyesMX6

    The cat is out of the bag! If they would only report on drivers earnings....oh the things that you can think...
  6. LoveTheBlues

    Wisconsin couple outraged over $900 Uber bill

    But there is one seriously happy Milwaukee driver! Clearly, the lack of communication from Uber so familiar to drivers can have serious consequences for riders too. From what I can gather from the story, they had up-front pricing that was negated by adding destinations and the surge must have...
  7. Jack Malarkey

    Change in nomenclature

    Have you noticed that Uber is now referring to 'surge pricing' as 'dynamic pricing' and its 'commission' as a 'service fee'? I regard all four terms as accurate in a technical sense. 'Dynamic pricing' is the general term used for pricing that varies according to demand. It is used, for...
  8. VeeVeeB

    Best time of day to drive & surge pricing

    Hi everyone. I'm new to uber. I started today, driving part-time in the Avondale-Goodyear area. I'm not really sure when the best time Is to begin my shift. This morning sucked! Also, I keep hearing about surge pricing. Is there some way to know when this happens? Being offline, does the app...
  9. Jkingston

    Uber Plans To Kill Surge Pricing

    Albuquerque, As a fellow uber driver myself, what are your thoughts in uber ending surge pricing for us?
  10. überuntil

    Surge Pricing Is Uber's Best Weapon Against Striking Drivers

    BUSINESS Surge Pricing Is Uber’s Best Weapon Against Striking Drivers Drivers protested in their highest numbers ever this weekend. But the strikes cause higher prices, bringing more drivers back onto the road. posted on Feb. 9, 2016, at 3:40 p.m. Cora Lewis BuzzFeed News Reporter Johana...
  11. M

    how is the ratings for just yeaterday and today

    i'm getting hit with low ratings started from yesterday and today is anyone getting low ratings as well ?
  12. Graham Hacia

    Surge Pricing for the Super Bowl

    Hi, I'm a new driver in San Francisco and I was wondering if anyone has an idea as to what the surge pricing will be during and around the time of the Super Bowl?? I know this is hard to predict but has anyone worked previous events that were similar in magnitude to the Super Bowl (ie...
  13. D

    Surge Scam?

    I was driving Halloween night and I cant help but to think something shady is going on with Surge pricing. I saw surge pricing was 4.5x in Tempe in the Partner App so I drive 20 minutes to get there. Once I got in the surge area I start getting fare requests for 1.5x but the map still showed...
  14. Michael - Cleveland

    Manipulating the Surge

    A lot of drivers promote the idea that by encouraging drivers to stay offline until a surge appears is a way to influence the creation of a Surge period. Fair enough - in theory it should work. The reality is that as soon as a surge appears and all of those drivers go online, the surge will...
  15. J

    Along the same topic of bogus surge and manipulater surge..............

    I find it TOTAL BS and game playing that they often seem to use assorted shades of NON SURGE like yellowish and orangish to make you think a surge is coming or pending. (These colors do not say 1.2 or whatever to indicate ACTUAL surge)
  16. W

    Surge Pricing Not Accurate for Drivers

    I was driving in Dallas last night. I am Uber Select, around 11pm I decided to hang close to Nick & Sam's so I found a parking lot just down the block from them, maybe 150 yards, in fact, I parked in the lot N&S uses for over spill. I've written Uber support and their response is that surge...
  17. 2hot2handle

    No Surge During Work Rush - New Drivers?

    Hey yall (my super country voice) again I have been studying my drivers app and today I didn't see any surges over 2.0x during the afternoon rush. I did notice a lot of cars out, but I have seen that the afternoon rush goes to a 3.0x sometimes a 4.5x. Is it more drivers on the road or what...
  18. 2hot2handle

    Is There Fake Surges Lately Or What?

    Hi guys, I have been studying both of my apps and I have noticed for about a week now that there are surges where there should not be. For example just today I saw a surge by the airport of 1.8x then I looked at the riders app and there were 5 uber x's just waiting and 2 black cars and 2 uber...
  19. DrivenToDistraction

    The Surge: Is Uber Scamming Its Riders Too?

    Last night I found myself near Chicago's United Center as a Blackhawks preseason game let out. The street was clogged with cars, the sidewalks were teaming with people. I signed in. The immediate area was surging at 1.5X with surrounding areas at 1.4 and 1.3. Within five minutes I received...