surge prices

  1. W

    Does anyone else have an issue with surge pricing and heat maps?

    Ive only been riving for a week but my friend tells me my map in the home button is supposed have a lightning bolt in the top right corner that i can click on to see the current range of surge pricing and the surge areas. I don't have that lightning bolt. Is this ability to see surge areas...
  2. uberdoobie_uberdoobie

    surge pricing explained?

    anyone able to explain when (time of application) surge price applies to a ride...had some false starts which I put down to inexperience and not understanding when surge price loading is triggered? ... I understand the rate multiplier and the geography shown on the app map BUT WHEN does a surge...
  3. Dave Wetware

    Can't see Surge since new upgrade

    Hi. I've been driving for Uber quite awhile. Unfortunately, I haven't driven one passenger all week. Since the new upgrade I can't see where it's surging anymore. Bottom line if I can't see the surge I don't drive. I have other options. Also, I'm a 4.9 driver with too many positive...